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34-year-olds Orlando man, arrested Thursday evening in connection with the shooting that killed an unborn child and injured two others. Investigators say they still don't know her a card artists motive for the shooting happened earlier this week at the lowest robe lace condominiums on silver star road. You're an innocent bystander, and you get mixed up which probably is what happens to that lady. In this neighborhood. Sometimes you can't avoid it. He's expected to face a judge today. We'll update you when it happens recompete on news ninety six point five WDBO troopers are still on the scene of a crash on orange blossom trail where person was hit crossing the road this morning, Florida highway patrol says the man was walking near the intersection of OBT and thirty ninth street not in a crosswalk when he was hit by sixty eight year old Fernando Salguero this scene had rush hour traffic diverted for about two hours. If HP Lieutenant Kim Montas says the victim later died at Orlando regional medical center and are not releasing his name until next of kin are notified Katrina scales. News ninety six point five w twenty eight of the government shutdown president cancelled the military transport for speaker Nancy Pelosi and a congressional delegation that we're going to take an unannounced trip. Overseas ABC's, Karen Travers says Pelosi's office today announced the trip is definitely off house speaker Nancy Pelosi's office in a statement accuses the Trump administration of leaking her commercial air travel plans after President Trump says you couldn't use a military. The plane to fly to Afghanistan. A spokesman for Pelosi writes in a statement quote in light of the grave threats caused by the president's action the delegation has decided to postpone the trip. So as not to further endanger, our troops and security personnel or the other travelers on the flight, and the shutdown will definitely continue Washington. Watchdog Jamie Dupree says there are no negotiations scheduled for today. You are the man brings me my news coming, gene. Jack, your outta gas. Push comes show of. Yeah. I love you, bro. Love YouTube, bro. I tell you. What though Jackie? They're definitely all that to what you pay that guy. Yeah. That was dad, by the way. Yes. Thanks for being there. I hope we can build that trust and confidence. And look I I want to mention this, gene. Yeah. We're getting some flack on the open mic for mentioning this buzz story, again, it is an unconfirmed story, we all know, Michael Cohen's history. Okay. But it's what people are talking about. And this business is all about what people are talking about. So keep in mind. This is an unconfirmed report by one agency that can be a little. Okay. Now that they can be if you know, but this we've we've couldn't we reported about unconfirmed reports from both sides, right? When President Trump last year said the feds were spying on his campaign. That was unconfirmed. But we reported it because that's major news. That's exactly right. All right. So keep doing, gene. You don't a great job there, by the way, you and Jackie again, all that. Bag of chips..

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