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That works works in real time to help locate missing persons. Whether it's a child that's lost abducted. which would be the worst case? Scenario scenario an adult maybe with dementia Alzheimer's Live Year in Florida from time to time I'm in those alerts. Come up quite often Much more often than you could ever imagine. And it's very nice that we do have amber alerts and we'll get them obviously while we're in our car Across the highway on big billboards and our televisions elevations. The only problem is that it takes time for them to put that together and it only gets very limited information Very limited information on the person that's NC jobbies children if it's an amber alert and silver alerts are for the elderly. It'll give a the description but it's very vague and unusually a license plate number so all you can really do look out for a car. that APP maybe on the highway and of course you would need to be directly behind them unless you can memorize that plate number or have somebody write it down so you can see that the problems sir. Even though again it's what we have right now and you know it's better than nothing however once people realize that at this hour will was lost phone APP for IOS devices and Android that. Eventually it's GonNa hit a peak in a in a it'll exploit because there's a need for this anytime you can find that need and obviously the need is that the the statistics on missing persons are through the roof in this country and we have to have something better in place in for right now. This is the best thing available in the more people that we have that. Go and download the APP and just said forget it. God Forbid Your on Child Goes Missing You can upload them immediately and it goes out to everybody else and if they're in your area then they can be searching so that's where the volume mm-hmm of people comes into play so we really need that word of mouth Mentioning of what we do and and why whoever it is you're speaking to why they need to download it. It's for an IT's for everybody. There really is no demographic here you have kids or you have friends that have kids. Everybody knows somebody that has kids that this can crop up. You just never know. It's impossible to really prepare here for for something like that and usually found right away and everything's great but on that occasion when they're not and things start to get scary and a half an hour goes by and then a little more time because that the worst statistic ever that really really got me into this was was in hearing that only six percent of children that are abducted are actually found alive if they're not found in the first hour and that's just unacceptable But unfortunately you know I I can understand why that is If they've been given at least an hour to get away you can travel a very very long distance. You can be just about anywhere and that person's motives are obviously not good. Be Hard pressed to find one where the motives were actually good. But that's up for the the police detectives in people that are in charge of the Missing Persons Case. Or even if it's not uploaded uploaded yet as a missing persons again. That's where we come into play because we're in real time what we're doing The family can be uploading very detailed information the than we can be contacting them as a podcast and discussing with them Within that first hour Before you're done specific even more detailed information where they were last seen what direction. Maybe they were going where they might be next going to help people in that area to keep that I out in even show you on the map who in that area as the APP on got like a red circle around them even though it it is very very private. Respect everybody's privacy. It's very important but it naturally allows you to almost form a grid without even thinking about it because you can see that. Maybe somebody's in a specific area and they're looking so you could be looking in another area so that works very good so everybody did a wonderful job. We had quite wait a few additional APP downloads. Since we started this very very first series on Jeffrey as well as subscribe to the podcast and again I apologize. There's been so much time in between but it just needed to happen with needed to give the family a break. There's definitely a lot of stress going on there. It's it's all say but you know. Of course there would be And plus they're also working very very hard. They're working very diligently on getting the case reopened. We all know that They the have information that they're working on themselves. That is extremely promising that I can't really get into in so again. That's why wander come on and explain to people where we're at that really all we can do is provide you the provided information at its given to us through a law enforcement in through the documentation. That's there through the eye. Witnesses direct I witnesses to not hearsay. you know during episode of To when we had the two young women on who encountered Anthony Damore said remind. Everybody Anthony was with Jeffrey Vance. They were out together for a couple of days before the February second third weekend on his the second and third and went up a logging road which did have a lock on. It had a forestry unlock the cut. It went up this road which dead ends and somehow got stuck. They claimed or Anthony claim that at the gas tank got a puncture in it and so they were stuck there and decided to hug it out on foot so oh again to remind everybody you know if you go back and you listen to the other episodes. There's no speculation going on. They're very very very little. And if there is any speculation it it's only based off of factual information provided by law enforcement or which was discussed lost during the episode with the young ladies who had first hand knowledge of what was going on and had discussions this back and forth with Anthony Fenn more and they brought him to the store in glide the glide store you're where he could make the call into law enforcement but as we all know what started this. We wouldn't even have done it if there wasn't Got Quite a bit of what we would call suspicious activity in not based off of owl and once was lost. podcast this this was based off of news. Reports blogs there is so much information out there about this case and every person to T- that made comments on this case said that it was extremely suspicious. Now what does that mean we don't know and we're not gonna the claim to know we can only bring up different situations How something possibly may have happened? You know the case again being closed They did not find any foul play. The cause of death was from exposure or from hypothermia which is also what they said. Anthony was suffering from once he was found in eventually seen by the MTV's but again going through the information that the detectives at all put together there was quite a bit of that Emmy didn't entire episode assode On that read it word for work so none of that was Information from US or against speculation or US filling blanks Word for word exactly what the detective said and to start off though as a couple of officers who claimed and again that this was highly suspicious. Now what we don't have are any of the interviews that they did With Anthony Or the other two gentlemen John Durda in Jesse who are friends with Anthony in Jaffrey Jeffrey supposedly who had found the truck out on that road. So that's what I wanna hit on just to remind everybody because you really can't go any I. We've got to wait for the family to do what they need to do. Put together the information that they need to put together to make their own case case and see if they can get this Reopened at least looked at again from a different perspective. Because of all of these things things. And it's really funny. I'll even tell you guys I was going to say it but because it's really just ridiculous I I got some type of email Of someone trying to be Let's just say malicious in every other word was some Juvenile cuss word. And that we didn't know what you're talking about this anat and again it's not what we're talking about. We're reading and providing the information directly from law enforcement so these people obviously don't get online very often Or they don't understand how that works and especially with the email. I only took me fifteen minutes to find out who was going to say was because it's unnecessary very it's just it just adds actually to the suspicion. If the case is closed you know none of this should should matter than to anybody. And they've got nothing to hide. Then why send an email like that. Why why would you? Why would you care now also WANNA make sure that everybody understands that? We invited each person to come on and adding interview interview them objectively and just go through the story and get their side of what happened especially Anthony. Because has anthony's is the one that sticks out the most like a sore red thumb and again there's so much against what's called suspicious activity and if you just look at it on the surface it's the only way that you really can't go in any other direction. But he may have had additional information. That wasn't in the reports or wasn't brought up and that would have been really nice to have a but they denied it. You know if it's an ongoing case that's different you know you wouldn't expect expect somebody to come on their lawyer probably wouldn't allow them to but some people do but again a closed case John and Jesse who are just kind. INDIV- out. On the periphery but different. You know they're the ones that found. The truck would have been nice to speak to them on just how they were able to do that. And what the truck look like with more detail that we don't have in the reports and again district very objective standpoint no finger pointing on anybody not that that was the plan But not a single person took us up on that starting with Haley. The ex wife was invited of course to be on the very first I episode which was a celebration of Jeffrey's life and we all find that very difficult to to handle Why she wouldn't WanNa come on? I mean there is a rift between the family and that is what it is Amok GonNA pretend and to know why or what it just it is what it is. That's between them. But you put that aside when your loved one your husband husband or your wife were to pass away in this this manner. Jeffrey wasn't found for two months and again under these circumstances you would think she would jumped jumped and she did say she was gonNA come on. But we went back and forth like five times until I just. I couldn't do it just I don't have that much time. GotTa hold. That won't say who. But if one of the three gentlemen Between Jesse John and Anthony and they said that they would come on and they were going to talk to at least one if not both the other two gentlemen and then I never heard back and again I don't I don't understand so.

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