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The second half hour will be Matt the Tesco of speed figures dot com the track with Sam spear on KNBR these sports leader attention entrepreneurs Amazon is looking for business leaders who want to build their own package delivery companies if you are passionate about hiring and coaching great teams this might be for you with built in demand access to Amazon's technology and experience and a suite of discounts on and assistance services this is a chance to build and grow a logistics business in your community be part of a fast growing industry by partnering with earth's most customer centric company applicants must meet additional requirements there's a logistics dot Amazon dot com thank god well one eight seven seven cars K. A. R. race cars for kids one eight seven seven cars is donate your car Tuesday put it out there transaction seven seven your also accepting boats motorcycles R. V.'s in real estate donations Hey Greg Papa here if you ever thought about how much better your life would be without the hassles of glasses and contact lenses make twenty twenty the year for you to see twenty twenty I had a great experience with Dr Craig van de that's a laser eye center of Silicon Valley the laser eye center is the only place on the planet that is performed Lasix on over.

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