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It in the d dot com does a favor. Give us a like on the socials in. Subscribe to his everywhere. Find podcasts are sold. So there's two things that'll patrick. You said you didn't watch these shows. But i need dive into these real quick. A i want to start off with human might intimidated things. I've been looking forward to all summer and randy. I don't know about you but i'm I'm kind of with the internet. And i am angry with with how they portray l. bread human angry under not a super impressed with this version so far but we only have five episodes so hopefully picks up a little more. So i mean spoiler alert fast forward for two minutes. If you haven't seen it yet you want to. So let me get. Let me get this straight humanit. Skeletal die like in the first episode. You follow around teela and her new friend for the entire episode and then skeleton was sitting in evelyn's little staff the whole time and prince. Adam comes back. We don't know why and then he dies at the end in. Skeletal has the power and has the power gray skull and the cut print. And i guess kevin smith is getting absolutely destroyed on the twitter's he's actually answering back Because people are super angry that the you know it's not not my he-man they're getting. They're getting nostalgic and to be honest. I'm not really that angry. Just i'll be honest. Lost my attention. I was fading out after a while. last episode five was kind of awesome with the whole skeleton thing. I like to twist but it just not having humanity. Human was kind of not he man. Yeah i i think that is more the thing to be angered out. I don't know if i would call a bait and switch. But not having he man in a show called hunan or about human is a little bit rough trader masters of the universe and not human but the trailer was like all human. But that's only from episode one. And then anyway i need to. I'm gonna not rant. Because i'm appreciative. That they're putting out new content of things that i like so i'm just gonna try to do what i say and act like a child and like it don't like that they keep like interrupting when they're about to reveal. That teela is the sorceress his daughter. It just keeps cutting off literally. Have something important to you first. And then they never get to the important bit so i was watching a guy does ranting about it on youtube and he did a side by side of teela and dolph lundgren in the movie he man and like how other ripped the same size because they it's like they took dolph lundgren. They put teela's head on her body on his body. And when you look at taylor like she's like bodybuilder rip with whatever find but like they were saying like she's bigger than longer which is kind of you know but anyway i digress. Have you been watching sexy. Beast on netflix. No no absolutely not. I saw patrick. I know you said you. Didn't i saw the trailer and i was forced. I watched five minutes of it..

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