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One week after the Texas Supreme Court turned away a challenge to Harris County's drive thru voting lanes a new petition from a lot of the same people as asking the same court to reject any votes already cast that way. I'm Craig Cohen Today on Houston matters what we know about this latest petition and whether the State Supreme Court, would even be inclined to hear it after some one hundred thousand through votes have been cast Houston matters with Gregg Cohen is a production of Houston public. With support from CIGNA together all the way. Also this hour why this latest court petition is just one of many many examples of efforts to limit voting in Texas. In recent years a new study says it's harder to vote in the lone star state than anywhere else in the country also ahead for all the attention on the presidential race in Senate and congressional campaigns the one for mayor in parallel baby. The most intriguing of all, we'll start with the news update from NPR news eighty, eight, seven stay with us. This.

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