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Man is from the trainer and i know not everybody has access to that but there are ways to get training without paying a premium and You know a lot of gyms offer personal training for free for some sessions. My trainer has been on my podcasts. you're welcome to listen to that episode. But he says any personal trainer. Who's in the personal training business to help. People will understand when someone has a financial issue and will be helpful. Because that's what they started doing that for so there's always a way to find someone who can help you if you really motivated. But that's my health kick. I am relating to this so much. I'm forty six two little kids so there's a ton of getting on the floor getting up from the floor and just the other day i had a sore neck all day and i don't even know what i did like. I turned the wrong way or something. It's just yeah. I am feeling my age. Can i ask you this. High super super personal. But i feel like you're kind of an open book Peri menopause menopause. All of that you talk about that stuff. Oh it sucks. I am impera menopause. I sweat fucking. I sweat like pavlovian. I feel like the minute. The sunshine hits my body. I'm like an oil slick and it's definitely hormonal There's so many things that have happened in my home and i've been pyramid puzzle for a long time. People don't realize that sometimes it can last like ten or twelve years. I think i'm peri menopausal. I started here. Periods are insane right now. Insane like heavy their irregular mitri. I've always had started tony. Cover your ears abusing you with our with our gal chat in fact we should hear gal chat chats.

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