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It's time for him. So two hundred seventy four of the clockwise Bod cast from relay FM recorded Friday, December twenty eighth two thousand eighteen Cooper is four people four tech topics. Thirty minutes. Welcome back to clockwise the tech podcast that if you start at precisely thirty minutes before the ball drop, then you will hear Dan Moore and say by everybody, right? As it starts the new year. I one of your co hosts mica sergeant and I am joined across the vast and ever changing internet by my co host, Dan Morgan. How're you doing, Dan? I'm doing okay mic. It's our last show of the year, which is always very exciting. So you know, I think it'll be a good one. I think so too. And something tells me that it's not going to be thirty minute show. It's can be twenty eight twenty nine something like that. And so I'm totally wrong with what I've said. But that is just how the cookie crumbles. I don't know. But we've got introduce our guests and to my left. I believe the first time on clockwise here on relay F M. It is the co host of Defoe cast over on the incomparable as well as the proprietor of a source of rice. It is Dan. Oh god. He says it is Dan Sturm. How you doing, Dan? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me. We are happy to have you here. I think I can keep my dad's straight. Yeah. I always have very strict one, Dan policy doesn't really work. To my left. Our second guessed the editor at IT pro today podcast the incomparable and my co host over on the legends tomorrow cast, the comparable among other things. It's Lisa Schweitzer highly. Hi there. I know nothing about race. Well, today's show is all about rice. Anyway, let's go ahead and get into the show because we've got just thirty minutes. So I'll kick things off. What was your favorite tech gift that you gave this year? Tell us your thoughts. Dan, Sturm not mourn. My tech gift of this past gift giving season. Here was something that I started by picking up on my own from black Friday to experiment with. It's kind of how it usually figure out what I'm going to buy for people for Christmas..

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