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It just doesn't happen so for me. I think to me it. Lines up with the addition of terrel austin the change in how the steelers use the secondary a secondary scheme that is much more designed to fit talents of the players. Then here's the scheme we ryan. You guys need to find how you fit inside the scheme. It's more we fit the scheme to the players. And now you start recruiting players drafting players. Who have already played those roles. And it's gonna work. Hopefully i'm right and this is a trend. we see. this isn't just you know they liked train. There would and he happened to work out right away. I i am very positive about the steelers future ability to draft cornerbacks with tara lawson keys butler in doing the defense together. I think it's fantastic. I i hope they stick around. I really hope we can keep both of them. And keep this going. Need to move on and coverage cam. Cover cameron sutton cameron's sutton just had a redemption game in two thousand twenty cameras sutton was forced to come in against the buffalo bills and start for joe haden. That's not a rule. He was used to write the bills. At halftime move steph on digs across the field to to go against cameron sutton and digs beats the snot out of mute talking about an all pro having the best season of his nfl career. And you're talking about cameron sutton. Who's a dime back and coverage specialists. Who is stepping into a role in matchup. These not ready for. He hasn't been training all season to be an outside cornerback. He's been training and practicing to be better in his role in his coverage specialist roll deep zones. Picking tight ends moving around all over the place as diamondback. His technique wasn't on point for an outside cornerback because he wasn't playing outside. Cornerback so the second half they move stuff on two cameras inside. They take advantage. They beat the snot out of him with digs. And that was really a turning point in the game. Now in this game sutton wasn't perfect. But he was all over the place early on he was helping norwood covered digs. He was making tackles in the backfield. I gotta bring this up because care had to legitimate tackles for loss in this game by legitimate. I mean last year cameras recorded a sack in a tackle for a loss one was a receiver caught the ball and fell down. Behind the line of scrimmage and cameron sutton to hand tapped him on his shoulders to record a for loss he got a sack because a quarterback was running out of bounds scrambled out. It was just running out of bounds..

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