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I think just kind of like you know the way she acts the way she dresses. was very much like you know. So my friends are like this. This is very natural character to make amends. Alex was created to be a counterpart for daisy and I think especially with this new series, we've kind of grown her into her own character to have like her own moment. So I think it's kind of she was. A daisy was more built off of like my experiences, my life, and then Alex kind of was built off of the world of magical girl. Friendship Squad And credit you for adding diversity to characters and I thought that was. Very. Important. These days and. Hotel you things that she says are so funny. It's like fantastic. So that's cool has really cool for the actors. Do you give them a little bit of Room when recording their audio at all? Yes. So what we do is tweet record all the audio before we start production. So have the script. And we record each actor individually. So we kind of have some room to be like. This line you can like if you want to take this line somewhere else we kind of everyday with every record was kind kinda like you know, take this a few ways. Like try whatever you think this line how you would interpret this, and then sometimes we'll be like, okay try like this or if they do something very. Interesting are funny that we didn't think of. It's like Oh can we let's play off of that actually and then like record more like that so kind of like because this is happening before we start any like. Of. The visual part of process it's kind of if they give a really good performance where they tell a really good job, we can incorporate that in and then like playing up in animation. Do get a lot of room to kind of really play with each line because. It's all about yourself. It's only one person and talk about deciding the animation style that you wanted for So, this one it came about I think will be have our. We had our origin series, which was definitely more inspired by like Steven Universe, and more modern cartoons and then. Retired to taking this like It's really is more inspired by like you know more Western cartoons with the sort of like a bit of the flair that we all know from watching anime and it's kind of like a lot of the artists on the show are big fans of like all animation across the world. So it's kind of like. When we were like deciding different things if like you know what we like about, what is like this show do that we can try incorporate here. It's like what we want to try something totally different with and it's kind of. It was headed striking a balance. You know kind of figuring out what.

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