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Leu. My. Business I'M GONNA I'm GonNa give you the whole load didn't. Do because it's like he thought about. I'm going. I'm going to give you the whole. Is the time to heed the time. Wants advice from Teddy Roosevelt speak softly. and carry a big stick. and. Of quote I promise you The president has a big stick. Trump would say. And of quote. That's almost like he's reading something. I've told that Dale story before the on the AD reads. He did was the the effort which was and we played at once and he fucking bullshit she probably she was a dick move. We did It was during Valentine's Day wear like a chocolate or whatever. He's like. He's like you know. Whenever try this thing the in the end of these. Rights, you get fifty percents off from this thing please verbatim. We replay flipped out why? Because he'd Sucking Dale You say it's a Dick move but that's just like all. We did it to be digs though, but that's all. I'm saying is a bad thing. I'm just saying it's universally funny when someone reads something that was prepared for. Rhonda Shitting, who's was him shitting on the sponsors? Suffers I remember saying to him in the hall afterwards because we would always get along I would say tail why don't you just? Do it again today or it should be dropped. Have Fun with it. Then people pay attention to the read it's not insane and bad. It's a joke. I could easily see somebody I could see myself doing that simple mistake. Like, I'll read safe right now the SORTA simply safe it says. Intro the beginning, and then it says, please feel free to share your own experiences with simplisafe i. don't read that obviously, but they have simply safe. So I talk about that's-that's but I could see myself I. Didn't WanNA familiar with the product or Wasn't creatively Dale or so I think that's the thing is the felt exposed right whereas simplisafe that can talk all day because I have the product and I said that myself Kirkman a set up simplisafe himself at all you can do it yourself ted? Sellers. has done with. So yesterday we were talking about random style. You. said it was a call after we met. We actually put the phone down to. Dorsey. Always, want to make sure you feel comfortable. Okay. That's all during lunch and I didn't get a cook. Dinner, but we'll be but you know not supporting you, right? Okay. Yeah. No I know that. That I know. So what he's saying, I'm just a little uncomfortable with this relationship. Could you have a thick? You're running your own campaign worry about where I'm doing Yeah I suppose. So now mad them using a product both like to help take Ted be safe with. Simply, safe is a company that I stood behind. No matter we'll has well, here's the thing I'll say Ted. Seems. especially. Concerned about the safety of this point. That's what the Express to me is that he's concerned about the person who's running against this team, right? Now. But you know what? Now after we did this and we had dinner and ice cream and watch the movies he's not. He's not even concerned anymore. Because he has simply safe. All right. Simply safe I'll put this thirty say here but you get it for thirty cents a day you set yourself up completely professional monitoring keeps watch day or night ray police fire medical professionals. If there's an emergency set up under an hour peel and stick the sensors, exactly we need them no technician required no contract no pushy sales guys hidden.

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