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That's that's our example maybe a slightly smaller scale than the shell pennzoil penske deal but that's kind of an example what we do but certainly good one and i've heard that you know you're mentioning you like over delivering for your sponsors like if they if the contract says we're gonna provide ex you want to provide a little bit more than than ex is a good example of that like where you feel like you've and i guess like you know what would those contracts look like what would you say about like what you need to deliver to meet i guess the stipulations yeah yeah you know i mean i don't know i i don't i certainly can't speak to what other contracts might have but i think maybe the best example could be in no one particular example but i've heard this time and time again from folks that have come to the racetrack if they're on loves behalf or with csx or whatever and maybe they got invited to come on with another sponsor somewhere you know and they got the same experience somewhere else well they're experienced there was they got a pit tour they got five minutes with the driver outside his motor coach and he was just doing the story signing some autographs real quick take a few pictures and zooming back in the motor coach with us you know i mean we're really trying to give a great experience at the track and get them up on the pit box we might have a sweet might have a motor coach they're they're getting quality time with the driver and you gotta get your drivers to buy into to you got to have drivers that are really get the whole pitcher and it'll go above and we've been super.

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