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Right here how you doing a little different to die to guide is written so many songs Keith urban says the veranda level all recorded songs he wrote back in the early one of greatest NBC shows will song with for the first time she was years later she was big ninety eight to me often you turn me back and you say the words that I want to flirt when you bubbles problem run your text in we do we we just you want me to take you back home to my but my name on your lips coming from next to my I'm asking you asking well we just just to yeah well you can see into my guess is national songwriter he's written so many songs your stuff you hear I mean the guys to tell that Shane Mack in the alley also on song land on NBC Wednesday nights it's back on five more episodes less so what's the concept behind the show his people who haven't seen it for watch right so basically what happens is for song writers come to piss their songs to a major artist and I'll just use the example of like the Jonas brothers so for songwriters exactly taking over the world I was really good maybe you should be on the show well maybe the voice but but for song writers come out and pitch their songs to the Jonas brothers unknown songwriters song writers that haven't had that break yet they just have a song that maybe would work and then on the spot with the Jonas brothers myself Ryan Tedder and ester dean we all sort of start doing what we would do in the writing room if someone brought us a piece of a song a chorus of verse and say Hey I I would do this to that so maybe I would make it a valid which and in my case is almost always the way I go because on this out but you know maybe your courses your first maybe you don't know your hook is and we all just sort of break it apart and then you can watch one episode is we get a winner or whatever it's also contained every episode there's a winner basically by the end of the episode the Jonas brothers pick one of the songs and record and it comes out with the show is good for me because you know what I you know I feel like I can't start show any more watch twelve exactly the same way and honestly that is one of the things that has been so appealing is that you don't have to know what happened last week or the next week.

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