Phil Rizzuto, Yankees, Glendale discussed on The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino - Ep. 578 The Democrats Cant Wiggle Out of This One


Nine hundred and ninety nine out of a thousand americans would say forty or less i've nnp folks i'm always candid with you i was even surprised by the actual number you know what the number is ninety five percent lee yeah oh lee phil rizzuto lay member phil rizzuto for the yankees i grew up watching wpix in the yankees holy cow my grandmother grew up with phil rizzuto and glendale little to ninety five percent twenty out of one hundred earners taxpayers pay ninety five percent of the federal income load dan why am i telling you this because folks unlike the left that will lie to you this tax rate cut will benefit the middle class the research on the corporate tax cut and how that money filters down ju employees in the company is conclusive now the degree of it is up in the are you going to get a thousand dollar raise a four thousand dollar raises the as the administration's stated over ten years honestly folks i'm not sure i've looked at the research and i'll bet it somewhere in there could be two thousand if it's four thousand great i tend to be a little more cautious in my analysis and i'm very skeptical the khanna metrics i think you're raises probably going to be on average closer to 1500 a two thousand here's the bottom line needs a raise tissue the corporate tax cuts will benefit you because the money has to go somewhere it doesn't get burned her evaporated if filters into productivity which helps your wages but.

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