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Covert and socially acceptable forms of white supremacy, including the phrase Make America great again. There's also a separate video session featuring Nicole Hannah Jones, The New York Times journalist best known for being the editor of the 16 19 project. She was a fraud. That woman? Yeah. This retails the founding of America through the eyes of slaves and in this Google training session. Um, she says the first Americans the first Africans being sold in 16 19 is more foundational to the American story than the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock. Some great. It's great has just run down the country. And when you're in favor of all this, right, Lynn, just let's say to the to it. No, no, don't track me into your little little game here. I you know any thoughtful in the demo Any any thoughts is the Democratic position. Len is America an evil country because it was founded on the original sin of slavery. Is America therefore evil. Do you believe that? Do. I believe America is evil? No, I do not. But I believe that there there has been the racism since day one. Yeah, I can make you think. Do you think, Make America great again as a racism I might being put on trial here. Leave me alone. Performer sportscaster who wandered into this mess will be out of this. You guys discuss it. Did you? Did you fall? Did you read all that stuff on the 16 19 project their lunch? I didn't. I'm not yet. It's not like it's not like to do this, Michael. Sure. Okay. Alright. Up next, um We're going to talk to New York Post sports columnist Ken Davidoff will get his thoughts on Derek Jeter being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and some 9 11 memories from Ken Davidoff. The New York's boats on your Post sports columnist. I should say it's coming up next. I'm Bernie Better with your w O R traffic,.

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