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I mean and bobby bath third is the contributor finalists so usually those guys get rubberstamped although jerry kramer would tell you i've been a veterans finals before and that stamp was rubber or wasn't stamp that all he didn't make it so five of the fifteen finalists are gonna get in okay and to me randy moss and ray lewis our first ballot hall of famers i would then it's t t owes a hall of famer it's just the argument has to be ended now and i don't care that there's another wide receiver there were two running backs he made it last year and elti and terrell davis anyway um but we had isaac bruce here the other day and to me tara loans gets he has to get into the pro football fame and this is the year he gets in the pro football fame period under store i put him in and isaac bruce i would put in next year all right brian dawkins goes in the pro football fame aren't we might not be a first alfaran put that guy is a pause we'll all aim age o effort because he was an m effort cardcarrying bad and the fifth person that i would put in and i am admittedly biased steve hutchins now steve hutchinson would join only six other men as a first time eligible kenny first ballot hall of famer at the guard position joining jim parker gene upshaw john hanna bruce matthews larry allen and forrest gregg now i think he's in this category okay let's put the michigan stuff assad okay.

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