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Production from Hollywood gal by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show. Gimme a hell. Yeah. Now, here's Steve Austin Harada Steve out and show. I occurred. I don't make Asian recharge batteries. But just because I am recharging the batteries. We still got business. Take care of. In the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve outs and show classics and been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it readings and welcome to classic episode of the Steve Austin show producer, Sean bringing you episode number one forty one with superstar Bill Dundee original air date. August twelfth two thousand fourteen Steve's got a lot of classic. Memphis wrestling personalities in his catalog, and I think it's definitely important to revisit that territory and bring those out here on the classic episodes because it's isn't really cool stuff that Steve hawks about with these guests. So you might be hearing some more of those as we go along. But for this week its superstar Bill Dundee wrestler that was very instrumental in Steve's development in the. Texas and Tennessee. Territories working under Jerry Jarrett and world class and US w way. Bill Dundee a big start his own right in that area. Having many epic battles with Jerry Lawler either across the ring or as a tag team, which will talk about just a second here. But you've got to catch up with Bill Dundee here on this episode. Get some of our presence in the late eighties in the territory as well as a manager in does w in one thousand nine hundred three for Lord William regal. He was known as Sir William back, then but Steve definitely talks about as epic feud with Jerry Lawler Bill Dundee was also in a scaffold match. Not found thing was the first Catholic match, but it was definitely one of the earliest scaffold matches that happened against none. Other than cocoa, beware. Or as he was known as KoKo ware. Also, see talks with Bill about the to below concession stand brawl as mentioned Bill and Jerry Lawler are often adversaries, but also tag team partners. And in this, particular instance, the duo took on the blonde bombers Larry late them and Wayne fair. Better known as Moondog spot and the honky tonk man in epic event known as he Tupelo concession stand brawl, and this was nine hundred seventy nine and if you could find footage of it on YouTube, which is out there. It's quite the event commentated on by the legendary Lance Russell, and a lot of people say that it was kind of one of those small events that set the course for EC w at hardcore wrestling, as we know it today just crazy brawling all throughout the concession stand. And there is tables and stools and mustard being thrown everywhere. So she check that out Bill Dundee awesome wrestler, and he is the guest today on a classic episode of the Steve Austin show today Steve.

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