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We'll talk about that when we return have you heard Donna and Steve lately check out this highlight from Wednesday in the eleven o'clock hour you also saw a joker joker by the way I really think my four year old daughter I whisper to my wife this morning her hair came down down to she gave me like this kind of facing lab and I was like oh boy we've already determined to either be a CDL or we will be visiting her through the glass but if she's in a prison prison getting she's got something of this is good Donna and Steve listen live or podcast it anytime at my talk one of seven one dot com or on the my talk app everyone is Bradley I'm sitting here with Nemo from a light Stevenson Ali nema was telling me about something new her team has been doing it's called critical exam it's all a feedback mechanism that lets the riches of the people who use our services tell us how we're doing it is letting us know in real time how the people a feeling and how we can do better so people rate their care at a clinic or at a water point yes they tell us whether or not they were satisfied but then it's Boston is also invited to share one idea that's what makes us some of his best to our customers of given us million of ideas already and it's helped us make speed improvements one example is with the water we provide clean water one of our customers asked if we could help by providing cleaning supplies they could use.

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