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Know you'll have a great time. From WTO. 1128. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Rita and the traffic center. We're seeing delays throughout the area due to work zones that are set up, let's start out on the beltway in both directions headed toward the American legion bridge that outer loop back up is near the merge with the two 70 spur, headed across the American legion bridge. This is two spots with work. In the main lanes on the beltway, the left lane is blocked with the work, but also in that service roadway that takes you to George Washington Parkway in Georgetown pike, the left lane is blocked there with the work as well. Inner loop slows from the toll road headed toward Georgetown pike watch for work there. Southbound 95 slows crossing the aka Kwan than a delay from Dale City, off and on making your way into triangle. That may be a mobile work crew, and then the delay from 6 ten garrisonville road headed toward the centerport Parkway, which is also due to work taking a lane. Northbound 95 is heavy in Quantico into dumfries. Then after dumfries, headed into woodbridge after you cross the aqua Quan, it's good into Springfield, but then you'll hit the delays getting on to northbound three 95 toward duke street. This is the work setup on the right side. If you're in the district, it is south bag D.C. two 95 heavy from burrows past these capital street. Northbound was slow from burrows headed toward eastern avenue. That is usually due to a work zone. In Maryland goldboro road still closed between river road and Bradley boulevard for the emergency utility work, northbound three O one at two 14 central avenue the work is set up in the left lane. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. Look at the forecast now from Mike stina. The immediate metro area is under a flood watch this afternoon and for tonight. And for this afternoon

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