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Work on the building built in 1981 Natalie Rodriguez Miami Manhunt is underway for a suspect who shot a Daytona Beach police officer in the head. 29 year old. Both L. Wallace is accused of shooting the officer as he was being questioned. The encounter was captured on video is going. Do you like it was going on down, sir, You sit down and talk to you. Come on. Come on. I don't do this. Sit down. Why are you asking? You got in here? Do you live here? Yes, and what's going on? Daytona Beach police chief calls the gun and a coward, the officer listed in serious condition. A bipartisan deal to fund of nationwide infrastructure upgrade is closer, but there are still some sticking points. 10 Democrats and 11 Republicans announced Wednesday that they've reached a bipartisan agreement on a potential deal. The White House previously called for the $2.3 trillion That number was too high for Republicans. In the end, though, Wednesday's talks did show progress, with government officials reporting the framework is all set for the bill. But the specifics like how it all be paid for, still need to be ironed out in Washington. I'm Kevin Corke Fox News. President Biden is taking action before possible summer spike in crime. He unveiled new steps to crack down on gun violence as homicides soared 30% last year. That includes cutting off the flow of illegally sold firearms in a zero tolerance policy for gun dealers. The FDA is warning about a possible rare side effect of covid vaccinations. A CDC panel says that there's a likely link of heart inflammation and kids and young adults to the Pfizer and Moderna shots. That prompted the FDA to add a warning to the vaccines. So are you ever too old to play Indiana Jones Harrison Ford gets hurt on set,.

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