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56 Grammys? Yeah, Yeah, a bunch None of them because of Georgy Porgy 1991 Clarence Thomas despite the sexual harassment accusations made by Anita Hill one Senate confirmation for the Supreme Court but was 50 to 48. 21 years ago. Today, two very overpriced movie Multi Plex Fight club was released. Unfortunately, it's all I can say about that, because it's the first rule of fight Club birthday's today include one very hot Vanessa Marcel. Oh, yeah, started on General Hospital is Brenda Barrett. You know, where is Gina Kincaid? I'm Beverly Hills 90210 and Sam Marquez on NBC's laws. Vegas Sarah, The Duchess of York. Fergie used to be married to Prince Andrew. This you spent time in the pen for weight watchers. Her daughters are ninth and 10th. In line for the throne. She's 61 Bram Celebrity Shift Emerald Legacy Today is 61 Tania Robert's mother image on that seventies show and Julie Rogers on Charlie's Angels turning 65 today. And today is the birthday of one Jackson first name Tito. So today is 67 Happy Birthday, Richard Carpenter He played, she's saying Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters 74 today, Alice And Mom on the shortly of sitcom nine J. K. L. Linda Lavon 83. And we all rely loved Laverne DeFazio murder. Surely she went on to direct Tom Hanks in Big League of their own, Denzel and Whitney in the Preacher's wife would be in jumping Jack Flash, Penny Marshall. Cornice day 1943 passed away in 2018 and the man who gave us The Godfather. Both the book and the screenplay When Mario Puzo, born on this day.

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