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So I mean, I I certainly feel that pain is why I've been having some interesting challenges trying to get a trio of flights to Europe both. And we're not it's not like we're trying to screw the airline. We're just trying to book something that's halfway decent for ourselves. I case meet my wife and actually get to fly with her. Yeah. Yeah. For me. I wanna fly with my brother, and I can't do that. And everyone gives me some fake answer that they don't understand why won't book. So anyway, I'm not going to go into any more. But I think that if those if those these died, a death, it would be fine with me or those that logic. And maybe it's because of how you know airline technology is so outdated in some cases in the back end systems are old. And maybe that's part of the reason. You see? Segments has been has grown in recent yard. It's sort of quote, unquote, always existed at has grown more in recent years. I don't think it's necessarily tied to the awesome. I would definitely say it's not really tied to feel thing says we always use the excuse that the airlines these systems reality is if it makes them money, they invest tons of money in it right seriously. Those the revenue manager systems are not old antiquated systems are outside of the GDS or the reservation system. You know, in some cases are using excel spreadsheets, but there are some pretty fancy systems that they've got, you know, think about how hard it would be to implement married segment logic on a system from forty years ago. Yeah. Well, I'm just thinking like, okay, so revenue management is very complex. Okay. I get that. But what you've now done is you've put why can't book something that is bookable on the website over the phone, or you know, what I mean like you've made this thing blackbox where not I don't necessarily need to understand everything. But when you just tell me, oh, I can't book that like I can put it on the website. So I think part of pressure having with at least with United in particular the. Inventory. That comes to the website is not the same inventory that the agency. And that's the problem jet blue has two separate systems similarly set up if you on the regular website, it's pulling from a different source than if you book on their blue ink small business site. I it's. Yeah. Anyway, I don't. Yeah. No comment. Let's talk about a lot the airline. They recently had a flight from. I believe it was from Beijing to Warsaw. And there was an issue with a hydraulic pump. And the passengers were asked to pay for the mechanic to fix it. Because he only would take cash which is a whole lot of problems like one I'm actually surprised as didn't have an impotent. And to. You know, I can't just going around with the basket. Like, you feel like you're at church when you're on the Warsaw flight like oh pass the plate. Well, end the people were indeed apparently reimbursed when they arrived in worship. So who were they using for the ground services? I mean, I it's China. Oh, man, unless it's what's the overall facility. It's hake. Oh 'cause there's one Beijing as well. Gotcha. Yeah. I don't know who it would be. Shagman did not the same people that they have the fuel contract line of credit with. I mean, that's right. That's the weird part. And like why why is it mechanical accepting cash? Yeah. There's so many questions that you just sit there going. I something doesn't add up here. But yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's kinda like I mean, I how much cash was it. What was like two hundred three hundred US dollars. I think. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, one of the one of the lot employees. The spokesman I should say is saying it's unacceptable. We shouldn't justify asking for money from passengers ever and the employees at the Boeing warehouse in Beijing refuse to accept a Bank transfer transfer. So I think that person needs to be fired. Yeah. He just makes you sick. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, my guess is that clearly company was ever going to see that money. And this individual probably thought it wasn't a huge amount of money that would make kind of press. But clearly they were all..

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