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Desk for a human. That sounds so bad. I think they're better off. Smokey's Donnie toilet paper thrown his throat. Around all these throat Donald Thrown out the window just threat your enemies. That's how you keep people even beating it wrong for generation ask we. Don't don't flush it throw it at that one you don't need toilet paper to keeps people Social distance from us. Well so you don't get help with the virus. He's got the virus. Get here so Derek. What are you going to do with Europe stimulus? Check you get well. I'M GONNA pay off a speeding ticket but I've been. I've been getting extensions on my court. Date is like corona virus. It's really coming in handy written court you could. That makes sense. Yeah you can get away with that. But I'M GONNA PAY OFF ON A. It's like a two hundred dollar class that I gotta take and I think the rest of it. I'm going to Once everything hopefully it's back to normal GONNA buy a plane ticket to Germany. Go visit my family of input. That often like this whole thing has made it. It's made me more aware that I shouldn't put it off. You know I should just go do it. You know might not even be. Humility allows far as we know right now by novel. That TICKET FOR LIKE THIRTY DOLLARS. Calm I god I should. Hi Sir once I get that stimulus package. I want to buy a bunch of tickets in a reseller. Oh we call it. The trump checker no question. I would say we probably getting in Alabama thing. I've just hoping that Barack Obama metaphorically comes Outta the locker room right now at halftime like suited up relationship and then he scores fifty points defeats corona virus. And we go back to be awesome country. He needs a ride. Ray Smith Mike Murray Michael Jordan didn't Michael Jordan Showa was Michael Jordan Came of the very end of it. Win The game Was IT Bill Murray? Yeah what. I don't remember that to watch that that's bill. Murray is on the move the savior. Does he talk at the end. No Michael Jordan does bank at the end but bill. Murray comes in and they went after he came in. I just think Bill Murray is awesome like the whole and that's his catchphrase for space jam..

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