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Back at the fifteen yard line. Lots of press coming in by Jonathan Wilson and Obie O'Brien. Goodson Wilson coming in from the left side OB coming in from the middle. And they both had a quarterback sandwich. Wilson's fourth sack of the year. It's the twenty second that the Mustangs have given up and this is a third down and long third in twenty two fifteen. Probably bring five or six on this one. I see Raulston hall getting ready to pounce. There are two receivers. Right. One left in tight end lines up on the right side. They send them in the slot receiver in motion. He's now on the left side. Here's the snap. And here's the pressure. Here's a quick throw to the sideline. It is caught up the twenty five yard line off the sideline thirty and out of bounds shy of the first down at about the thirty three. That was Ben reading the third string tight end. They had a double tight end set in there. And here's a fourth down and fourth down in one. And it looks like SMU is going gonna go for it. This is amazing and deepen their own territory gets a fourth and one great effort by wide receiver to get closer to sticks. And a big gamble by Sonny dykes early in the game. They bring in their big running back. Come on Freeman. Here's the snap. And here's a hand off. And he gets right to the stack. And he got it. He got across that thirty five yard by half a yard. He gets to move the chain. And that's not what you want to have happened. You give up nineteen. Yards on the third at twenty on an out route that the receiver got extra yards about seven.

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