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It comes to our travel times right now, our Seattle the Federal way drive is sitting roughly at 97 minutes, So we've come down just a little bit, But we're still looking at three lanes blocked himself 25 right near South Center in the back of starting outside of the convention center. I was just looking at some of the cameras on South and 99. So slammed outside of the tunnel all the way out past the West Seattle Bridge. Guys, This is a rough one, especially for those of you getting out to 59 and trying to use 5 18. Here's the deal. You're still not going to be able to access north on four or five from 5 18. You're going to be forced onto using southbound I five, which is not bad. I mean, you're wide open drive from South Center all the way into federal way. It's just a matter of getting their 5 99 pretty packed as well for drivers coming through to Aquila, and you're going to find quite a bit of crowding on the 90 eastbound as we come off of Mercer Island, getting up to four or five and south and four or five is still bumper to bumper outside of Bellevue. Drivers continue to struggle on north and a five near Highway two. We're still looking at some I would say not heavy duty lineups on south and if I from my waiting to the dome, but it is busy and then our drive through like what looks good. No problems there. 5 12 so little busy as we get closer to the canyon exit. Traffic is brought to you by mattress firm Imitate. You'd rather get a king bed for a Queen Price that mattress firm and save up to $500 on top rated brands like Celean Sleepy's Cairo Radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. Pretty nice weather to start off the week again could be a little bit hazy. Tomorrow and into Wednesday, slight chance for a shower to Thursday and Friday, looking for highs tomorrow.

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