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Every Tuesday exclusively on Spotify. Well launched in September 2020 by Spotify that show sounds a little bit different today. Sex lies and DM slides appears to have relaunched with new hosts without the knowledge of the podcasters who say they created the show because he erskine has posted on Instagram that the show made by Spotify UK is quote being made again without us. If Spotify don't want to make it with us, then that's fine, but don't steal our format and name. We created it in my kitchen over a series of months, she says, Spotify just paid for it to be made. I'm up to my eyeballs at being exploited by the big corporations and money people. The original shows have been removed and Spotify didn't respond to an invitation to comment. Spotify's canceling 11 of its original shows says The Hollywood Reporter, those canceled represent less than 2% of Spotify's more than 500 original podcasts, it is likely to result though in less than 5% of Spotify's staff on original podcasts being laid off if you're hiring Conor Sampson has volunteered to connect you. And Kim Kardashian's new podcast for Spotify is being criticized by two survivors of the multiple murder case she's investigating. In other news details, the international standard setting organization focused on the exchange of data and information across the music industry has published a white paper about how to use music in podcasts, a spokesperson says not having proper standards around music usage is a barrier for licensing and ultimately the proper compensation. A hospital has been flooded with tens of thousands of angry phone calls after a spree car podcaster told his listeners to call the healthcare facility and dogs some individual workers, the calls blocked other communication of our patient care. It's one of a number of podcasts at the tech transparency project allege incorrectly that Apple is hosting the podcast is also listed, but blocked from recommendation on Google podcasts. Apple podcasts have made it easier to launch an Apple podcast paid subscription for your show, removing the requirement to create a channel first, hot on the heels of an agreement with stitcher and SiriusXM, SCA's listener has announced that it will also exclusively represent wonder is podcasts in Australia and an aardvark is launching a podcast if the press pictures are anything to go by, though, it'll sound rubbish, because Arthur is way too far away from that microphone. In people news amid the news of canceled shows to new hires at Spotify's podcast and gimlet, Nicole beams to bar is to become managing director of gimlet, she joined gimlet in March and was previously at NPR and liliana Kim will lead podcast she moves from APM. And in podcast news from The New York Times, hard fork releases its first episode today, it features veteran tech journalist Kevin ruse and Casey Newton and looks at the latest stories in the world of tech and business, locator radio has joined iHeart's lack of toura podcast network with 6 seasons of self produced episodes. They're the first to indie to join the LatinX centered podcast network. The made by Google podcast appears hot on the heels of announcements of the new pixel 7 Android phone and the pixel watch, the show is hosted by prodigy, looking forward has pod news editor James cried and that's me as a guest this week. I look at opportunities to work in podcasting, whether you're looking to be in front of the microphone or participating in the myriad other opportunities I suggest are out there, and the media podcast this week also has me as a guest talking about Spotify's cancellation of podcasts and the BBC's reduction of audio drama on air. Also guesting is Maggie Brown. And that's the latest from our newsletter to read all the stories and subscribe where a pod news.

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