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Paste dual with those who ends up finishing second top till then. Boss. She's just emptied and she's won on heavy before, so it was quite disappointing. Stairs hurdle and the mayor's hurdle or options for her look as a stormy island backer and fan. There's a power to me going. Yes. There's another part of me going. That's not nice. But look, she's fine. But that's not a great preparation. And if she goes and wins at cheltenham. I kind of feel as though my sister Sarah went over there. When an argument was taken on as a cider to give, I mean, she's finished second in a race where she's picked up some black type. So there's nothing wrong with it. But it was to give the William on his team an idea of just how strong is the mayor's division in the UK? And I think stormy Ireland is going to take all the basic in the mayor's hurdles. So, but she was the worst. I was most afraid of. And yeah, not an ideal preparation for it all, so you need to be careful as you proceed with caution with Molly always, which is whether it's the stairs or the mayor's article because that's not the kind of preparation that you want, but fantastic for good old stone. He won't go to Sheldon. He will go to entry for the Liverpool hurdle. So what a fantastic performance. And well done to the team. Last race we're going to look at is blu Sari hammering a grand party just by the 13 links with 24 links back to Siberian prince for Noel mead. Blue Sari was a very talented horse last season. Almost certain.

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