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You can henry winkler bloem has interviewed by the the great american actor for a long time for a future msnbc show next week of the week thereafter it depends great stuff is an amazing gracious man and that so i was stuck in traffic i know what that's like i know you are now looking at the roads and saying yourself i'm going to wait it out do not wait this up please get in your car loaded up with water pickle on a 20 jar for those of you know it a twenty jr is you have to rebuild bryson's life in times of the thunderbolt kids understand that and had out head north thirty five inches of rain is a smoke and lottery thirty five inches of rain is is taller than the unread stack of emails that i thin generally out every day it is a it is it is it's pretty pretty while the rain in corpus christi were harvey could make landfall mayor joe makombe issued a voluntary vacuous shorter i don't get that baldry you know what i don't get the steelers fans who go to walmart that's what i don't get the go to walmart what do you think you're going to get at walmart it's going to help you as opposed to getting outta town do not know anyone in texas i thought texans were hospitable when katrina hit they took the entire save new orleans in have you got no family north of the coast one eight hundred five two oil onetwothreefour generals you must going.

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