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In twenty four minutes if you coming in from Davis for slow down though doesn't happen to you get on the highway fifty traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian nobles news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. today sunshine we're looking at some clouds highs near seventy degrees in the valley and tomorrow some low fog in the morning Bob and sunshine with a high in the mid sixties in the valley Saturday starts to cool down a little bit highs in the low sixties and that's a look at your forecast on this Thursday morning and we get over Zak foster our technical producer for a little news from your neighborhood would he have for us yeah this one comes out of the Davis enterprise and the city council in Davis has unanimously approved a wireless ordinance that will not stand in the way of five G. okay so they're going to just go ahead let that go yeah it's kind of controversial people don't like those boxes on the sides of buildings they wonder if they're like health of beatings and trying to find it in certain cities and that's what almost makes this story news worthy as so many you know towns and cities are fighting five G. or trying to you know control that its development in some way Davis has stepped out of the way and said that they're just gonna let five G. develop naturally Iman and John LA times reported this morning for the first time in four years so we're living longer well that's good our life fixed up expectancy up but for the first time in four years due to lower death rates for cancer and drug overdoses okay well that goes well with the story I have here I just want to one more cafe okay we're living just a month longer but that's for you right well you know you're going to need to pay for yourself for that month that you're living longer a younger Americans who often get a bad reputation.

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