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Like engine here with a racist posts are in a billiards room i think clarity and honesty is just the way to go like absolutely cover it up like you know do not if you have friends over do not subject them to erase us fucking poster that's fucked shop don't do that and you know i think one of the things that sometimes happen like among whites when we're around one another is we're so anxious about calling somebody else a racist that becomes the thing to avoid like at its worst to call someone a racist than for someone to do or say something racier in like our logic when we get together um and so there's just the sort of thing what can't say that this racist 'cause what if they think i think they're racist them it's like it's racist it's racist yes so you'd like that i think the conversation just needs to be hey the racist poster that you have in your billiards room made me really uncomfortable why do you have that you're but for hot that's it exactly and like that's gonna feel uncomfortable that discomfort does not belong to you it belongs to them when i was saying compassionate earlier out what i meant isues don't try not to be confrontational about it sure you know yeah it's going to be tough but like approaching from place of stern decorum your holy nuts and that's that's what i you know what i meant where you call it racist don't you know where you're not going to call them and say like adding flock as you are and leaving right you know and i think because it's because this is your neighbor and you clearly have some kind of a relationship with these people and their your neighbor you can't just you know walk away or burn that bridge straight but yeah you say that i actually i totally think that you can burn at bridge but we're not necessarily at bridge burning just yet right now.

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