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Polls or the or the blended human polls and And get we put thirteen honest people in a room and they do a difficult job and and we looked at what we're doing in terms of when the games are sequenced and when they're played and What kinds of things we're doing for the families of of our student athletes You know what what can we do to Be better partners for our bowls but we also were looking format and We are at the point now where we're prepared to make a recommendation on on format Ultimately the the board will will make a decision as to whether or not we move forward to Take the next step son on what we're recommending but You know the fact is we managed by unanimous consent Their eleven parties to the contract. And and then there are a whole bunch of others that are tv partners and ball partners and and others that have a dog in the fight and so we we really need to get to some position of of of practical unanimity. And that's not easy to accomplish so to say that change is imminent Would would not be accurate but I think we have a suggestion and a recommendation. And and we'll see what comes of it you you mentioned the unanimity You know it. None of us on this side of ever sat in those rooms. And i know that we all want you as fans to be collaborative and we saw last summer. How that worked out. Do you have a good sense or any sense of how it's going to be when when all of you sit down together well you know Jackson warburg eighty at notre dame led led our subgroup along with Myself and craig thompson and greg sankey We like and respect each other. And and there's a lot of collegiality among the the eleven entities We i expect that We anticipated What people's priorities will be and You know you you'd never You never make any presumptions that That you've got every last detail taken care of and indeed once the once we presented to the president's and and they have a chance to think about it and and give us our charge going forward Will you know that's that's the way we'll attack it but it's a The good thing is that the the four team playoff is clearly superior to any of the predecessor structures It's been functional for us I think you could probably If you really wanted to be Look hard for criticism. It's that the same teams have been in it Too many times. And and perhaps that's that's hurt the tv ratings or something along those lines but you know the fact is Clemson and alabama and others that have been in a repeatedly They earned that and And they've They've gotten their because they've proven that they're they're better than The people they're competing against and so That creates an imperative for everybody in college football But we also want to make sure that that we don't systemically Build in advantages and And so i think One of the things we've been considering and looking at is is whether the access is right are we. Are we getting the right teams in in the right numbers and is it Is it fair to to people that Are you know marginally on the outside looking in. And so That's been the the process we've undertaken over the last year and and It's been a. It's been a good process. And and i as i said earlier. I don i wouldn't make any presumptions as to how our presidents will will decide this matter but We've given it a thorough vetting. We've looked at more than sixty different models and nuances and They many of them look similar. Have a small Variables built into them. That are important. And so we're we're at a private at the end of a process and we're also at the beginning of a process. It's going to be. It's going to be a while before. This is all resolved and It's been a fascinating process to this point. But now working with the commissioners the board That's the next step in the process of questions. We talked to bob those. Ob the big twelve commissioner. And i realize you. Everyone is sitting looking at this differently. But considering what you said if the if the universal excuse of of those who don't like it is it's the same for teams or mostly the same two or three or four or five teams. What would be the compelling reason to add more. Does that make it any better. I think it's One of the salient questions that That we've asked ourselves You know if you if you put forth a twenty four team playoff. Are you still going to end up with the same two teams in the in the championship. Game and I i don't know that there's any way to satisfy ourselves on that Except to say that You know when. I was chair of the basketball committee. One of the things we always said was. You can play yourself out of bad seed but you can't play your way into the tournament if you're not selected and so that really is A a similar circumstance. Here you You you can say that. You're good enough You can demonstrate that. You're good enough but if you don't get a chance to to be on the inside and and to play You'll you won't have the chance to to demonstrate that you're capable of playing championship level football and so you know there's a balance to be struck there. I think you ask a question that that we've asked ourselves repeatedly If it gives you the same four teams at the end or the same two teams at the end. What have you gained well. We've gained transparency. And we've gained access And we'll have to evaluate whether or not we think that's worthwhile commissioner. Moving to another pressing issue and that's a name image and likeness. It's on everybody's top of mind and we're in june now and you know we we. We know that there's a lot ahead Help us understand where this is going..

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