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Performance line with former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum and the ESPN NFL insider field Yates I'm Anthony Salter and we go right away to an update there Miguel Flores got a couple of updates worse yeah we certainly do a very entertaining first order so far guys bears offense has not been able to take care of the ball and email or mobile reception were covered by the state the bond bell density Bridgewater led the St still twenty four yard touchdown drive capped off by Josh hill seven yard touchdown reception the things went out nine zero in the first but then on the ensuing kickoff core Daryl Patterson to get to the house all the way to cut the lead to too so it's nine seven with two fifty nine left in the first quarter hour staying on top are things really nine seven saints to throw out the three minutes left in the first quarter there update you on to some other scores should the Chargers are inside the red zone they got a three three it's a three three tie right now between them and the Titans with five ten eight remaining in the second quarter the ravens are now down three seven as the sea hawks scored a touchdown and that one is early in the second quarter Mike fields I would do today great to be with you guys a lot of football right right until the season what what a great story lines it's been a while they already feel what's your what's your top observation from the deck top observations so far from the day well in here today okay a perfect first of all the top observation of the week will be whatever happens Patrick homes we know is expected to miss someone vicinity of three weeks but my top observation of the day is first of all Aaron Rodgers just a marvelous performance earlier on today for twenty nine passing yards six total touchdowns Aaron Rodgers just incredible in every single way and then on the other side of the spectrum I'm just sorry the falcons are a grave massive there is no team that is disappointed in the way the lan falcons have disappointed so far this season one in six and I was having a conversation with Mike just before we got back on the air the question is what cars do you have left to play and I know that they're going to stick with Dan Quinn their head coach and I understand that I'm I'm personally not a big fan of mid season coaching changes I just think from a disappointment standpoint their own parallel right now it's really tough to see day in day out because they got smoked by the ramps today so I did that I thought had a chance to maybe baby challenge for the NFC I mean at the end of C. not like the plane if he's out like playing the internship which of game has just been very very disappointing yeah I agree we're talk about this earlier and obviously since the movie are Jay Gruden Washington hill the eyes of the football world are certainly focused on Atlanta and just a couple years ago being the patriots twenty three in super all it's really surprising where they are I just look at their schedule they have Seattle this week and then the by after so hopefully they can get things squared away but it doesn't look good in obviously when you're making these decisions the last time I was part of it when we decided as an organization move on from coach filled in we did a heading into a bye week for obvious reasons and we elevated Dan Campbell on our staff back in twenty fifteen so that is a factor when you make decisions like that to see whether or not you have time to get the right pieces in place so what we'll see how things go but I agree with feel just from an expectation standpoint especially when you're riesgos down and you say okay who looks like they can control the R. C. South Carolina has can do getting right as you say two quarterbacks go down yeah and Matt Ryan of those for you would say given James with when since inconsistencies clearly what would be the four of Bridgewater trial Allan and Wynn stand and yet now we're looking at maybe a coaching change the Chargers are get they have a third and goal so what date will keep you updated on that one but let's go to Dan Quinn who addressed the media following the rams huge victory over the falcons one is a huge I mean huge in deficit standpoint addressing the media following the game how do you evaluate your ability to lead and do you think your best serving as seen by Stan or as coordinator well we've actually my job is to look at the big picture and see if there's things we can do to change that and we actually started some of that during Arizona last week I'm always looking to see during the game you know who can help on that play calling and inside that we've actually distributed that some you know Arizona and this week as well so I'm always looking to do what's best for the team and in every situation at every time so we've already begun some of that you know how can I you know on the fly myself in other ways in which certainly done that too yeah just as a quick follow up to that date could you be more specific about that what you did last week and this week that you had done before in terms of sheer delight calling during the game on defense yes good and who with who with some of the other system coaches okay the players say they like you and they support you and all that stuff but it doesn't seem like the following you are certainly not translate into game so in that sense I could ask you to think you've lost the team I understand why the question is a fair question quite honestly because I you spend most your time trying to you know connecting get the team to play like we're capable of and so the answer I would say is no but why am I the the disbelief at times of not playing like we're capable of that can be very frustrating when when you don't do that you know you wanna look and search and find answers and as well spend most of my time doing see what tweaks what things need to be changed whether it's personnel at scheme it's assisting in play calling for you know me to apply some attention elsewhere I'm always looking to do anything that's best for the team trust me my guys never bigger the team there's nothing I wouldn't do to help get us right do you believe it's a lost season at this point either for the team or for yourself well I saw the first one as a lost season no I never think like you're out of the fight and so you shouldn't think that way as a team member and and I certainly don't think that way is the coach I recognize it you know when you don't play well those are fair questions but now feel like river out of the fight and until we do like we're capable of that's my flight would always stay consistent it was Dan Quinn following the falcons thirty seven it's a loss to the rams are now one in six we'll do we'll talk about Dan Quinn in his fate a lot throughout the course of the night however.

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