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From the gospel of Luke chapter twenty four beginning at verse thirty six let us listen to god's word for us while they were talking about this Jesus himself stood among them and said to them peace be with you they were startled and terrified and thought that they were seeing a ghost he said to them why are you frightened why'd you doubts arise in your hearts look at my hands and my feet see that it is I myself touch me and see for ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have and when he had said this he showed them his hands and his feet while in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering he said to them have you anything here to eat they gave him a piece of broiled fish and he took it and ate in their presence then he said to them these are my words that I spoke to you while I was with you that everything written about me in the law of Moses the profits in the psalms must be fulfilled then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures you said to them thus it is written that the messiah is to suffer and to rise from the dead on the third day that repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all nations beginning from Jerusalem you are witnesses of these things and see I am sending upon you but my father promise so stay here in the city and so you have been close with with power from on high this is the word of our lord thanks be to god I am so glad you are here this evening what a day this has been what an incredible glorious unbelievable day it has been I think I've lost track of time I know it's late but my mind is filled it's racing I'm I'm too tired to think I'm too excited to go to sleep some just glad you're here you've heard the news haven't you about Jesus not that he's dead this is a life it's all true I've seen it myself many of us have in fact we saw I'm right here today if you haven't heard this you need to sit down because I've got a lot to tell you and I promise you it's all good and it's all true it began early this morning this is still Sunday right yes it began early this morning the women Mary the other Mary Joanna couple of the others perhaps went to the tomb to finish the work of burial no we didn't go I mean why would we what was there for us to do we saw him I mean that was just three days ago we saw him hanging on that cross we saw him suffer we saw him die we saw with a lady in the in the tomb what were we to do you were there you saw it yourself and so the women went to the tomb to to finish that morbid task we assume they wouldn't be gone long but then again what did we now apparently when they got to the tomb that they found that the gravestone had already been rolled away and then they looked into the tomb and they saw that the tomb was empty and they were confused by this this is a welder in to them they wondered what was happening what was going on yes that's exactly what they thought they thought the body had been stolen I mean that was a natural thing to think but who would want a body who would want a dead body who would want Jesus body if anybody wanted it would have been us right but we didn't want it and then suddenly two angels appeared to the women and they said why do you look for the living among the dead he's not here he is risen just as he said and without the women ran from the tomb they came back to find us they were shouting he's alive he's alive now I tell you it was early in the morning I was just awakening and I heard them yelling it didn't quite make sense what they were saying and then when I heard clearly what they were saying I'll confess to you I didn't believe it I mean how could I believe it we saw him die on that cross just three days ago and now they're saying he's not dead he's alive how can we believe that but when they began to tell us all that they had seen Peter and John got up and ran to the tomb they found it just as the women described it the the grave stone had been rolled away and when they looked in they saw the grave close very close that we wrapped Jesus in lying there and they knew for themselves that it was true this convinced them not just of the tomb was empty but the Jesus is alive that's the good news all of that happened earlier today and we have spent this day right here just a few of us talking together what does this mean and now what are we to do about it we found ourselves laughing and then crying believing and then not believing this whole day all we have done is is talk and think and pray and laugh and cry as we come to believe that it's really really true it was just after supper this evening we had finished our evening meal when two of the followers well you know one of them Cleophus from over in emails then another apparently they left early this morning before any of this news came out they thought why stay in the city any longer let's go back home let's get on with our lives well they came running back they were breathless they pounded on our door let us in let us in and when we opened our door we were so excited to see them we we said we've got good news to tell you he's alive and they said we know we've seen him ourselves well no wonder they were breathless they ran all the way back from E. mails to tell us this news I mean what is F. seven miles and this is what they said they said as we were leaving the city we are walking towards home when suddenly a stranger came and began to walk with us someone we didn't recognize it all and he began to talk with us about all the events that have happened in the city that week and then he began to unfold for us the meaning of the scriptures of how the messiah would come and how the prophecies of war were being fulfilled in this one Jesus of Nazareth and we wondered how he knew all of this but we didn't recognize this man and then when we got to the city when we got to our homes we invited this stranger to stay and have supper with us and as he sat at the table we broke the bread and suddenly our eyes were opened and we recognized him it was Jesus it was Jesus himself he was a stranger who had been walking with us the entire day and then suddenly he vanished he was gone and that's when we ran back to tell you the good news and here we thought we had good news to share with them so shortly after that here in this very room Jesus appeared to us to us he came right here he stood right here and the first we were startled we were terrified we we thought perhaps he was a ghost I mean how do you even get in here all day long the doors and windows have been shattered and locked we've been terrified of the authorities we've wondered what they would do to us having seen what they did to him and then suddenly he just appeared among us I can knock on the door he just appeared and we thought he was a ghost I thought he was a ghost but then he did the re most remarkable thing he said peace be with you I love that greeting of Jesus didn't you always love it when he would say that to a piece no matter what kind of chaos we're in no matter what kind of trouble we were in no matter what kind of turmoil Jesus would say he's and suddenly there was peace it wasn't like he was just saying those words this isn't just a grieving he give us this is a gift that he would give to us please he would say and so as he stood there he said peace be with you and I am still thinking that this is a ghost I mean even after all that we have heard today I'm still not understanding that it really could be true but as he stood there I got to thinking to myself there will come a day when some people will say well Jesus never lived at all well we know that's not true we walked with him we talked with him we listen to him preach and teach we watched him heal people and perform miracles we know that Jesus live and there will be a day I'm sure when some people will say he never died well we know that's not true we watched him die we watched him die on that cross we watched him suffer and die we were there we saw it I'll never forget that day you'll never forget that day we know he died but here I am thinking I'm not sure I can believe that he is really alive now in Jesus must have seen something in my face or something in my eyes because he turned to me and said come see the nail prints in my hand and in my feet come and see that it is me he was inviting me to touch his wounds just to prove that it was really him and I didn't I could have but I didn't because I didn't need to I knew in that instance that it was really him and then he did the most incredible thing he said have you anything to eat around here it sounded exactly like one of my kids rummaging through the pantry calling to my wife is there anything to eat around here and so we gave him a piece of the broiled fish that we had for dinner in the area ghosts don't eat broiled fish this is not an encounter with the dead we had this is proved to us that Jesus is alive right here right in this place with us I think I told you I'm losing track of time but he stayed with his really quite awhile he started telling us again things that he has been telling us all along stories that we've heard him say before but he wanted us to hear again it was almost as if he was giving us the a review for the final test he told us of the prophecies of the scriptures of how the messiah would come the messiah of god and that he was that one he explained to us again how the law and the prophets and the psalms all point to him he told us again how he had instructed us that coming to Jerusalem he would suffer and die and then be raised again on the third day these are stories that we have heard him say over and over again that we never really understood never really believed until today and now I know that what he's saying to us is really true we all believed it except for Thomas poor Thomas Thomas wasn't with us this evening I don't know where it was but he wasn't here and when he returned we we told him everything that Jesus had said to us how it appeared to us all that he had taught us and Thomas said I don't believe you and it wasn't that he was saying he didn't believe what we were saying you didn't believe what we believe he was saying I can't believe like you believe and I won't believe like you believe until I get to see the nail prints in his hand until I can touch the wound in his side I can't believe and I don't blame him I'm not sure I could believe if I had seen what I have seen them and that's going to be a challenge for us how will people ever come to believe that Jesus really is alive if they haven't seen what we have seen if they haven't seen him like we have seen him.

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