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This one is the closest, most faithful adaptation to the book of any bomb movie. Really? Okay. They actually had an annotated copy of the book on set at all times to help stay closer to it. Which isn't always a good thing. I mean, I know that was like when a Stephen King's biggest issues with The Shining was that it wasn't super close to the book. And so he actually made his own miniseries that was more close to the book and everyone was just like, this kind of sucks. Why'd you remake The Shining? Yeah. I mean, if you take a string on a glass of film school, first thing you need to tell you is if you get tired. If you get hard to ride to adapt a novel, don't just write the novel. Yeah. Some stuff just doesn't play well. And that applies to everything. If it's Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and you're not going to please the fans anyway. Well, and honestly, I thought this story was good. I thought it was a good story. It didn't feel like it was like overly clunky, like it felt like a Bond movie. Had the most story story. Yeah, like a bomb movie. Yeah. I had a lot more depth, a lot more motion to it. Especially towards the end. And yeah, almost everything from it, all the characters, everything, even the ending, which polarized fans. Was taken from the book. So the book is the same way. We'll get to the end of it. Yeah, I thought. Yeah. The plot is pretty basic. It does mirror the previous you only live twice. It has Bond search for Ernst stavro blow film. It does create a continuity error in this movie because he met blofeld in the last movie. Right. And in this one, he doesn't recognize him. So they were going to cover that by saying when a bond had plastic surgery so it could go undercover. That's how they're going to explain the fact that he's a different actor. Right. But that was taken out of the script. Well, there's the great self referential line at the very beginning of the movie where the female lead runs off and he looks at the camera and he goes, this never happened to the last guy. Yeah, a nice little a nod to the fact that. Yeah, and then the Bond song started. Great monster. We'll get to that too, but great soundtrack. Yep, this is my favorite score. Who did this bond song? This was John Barry. So who did most of the most of the bonds all the way up to Timothy Dalton? He did.

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