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Evacuees. Quite a few of them like this couple that are just hanging out in their cars around the park and in the parking lot, because here at the center, they do have access to bathrooms, Food and water. I lived in California in my life. This is my first evacuation. And Adam is kind of scary, but it's like I don't know where to go. What to do. I mean, I do. But following destruction and the three Irvine evacuation centers that still have room are Los Lomas Community Center Turtle Rock Community Center. The village Church of Irvine. And they just added what a Newport Beach at the Newport Coast Community Center They're having live updates on city of Irvine dot or if you go to their website, they're going to continually tell you which ones are full. Which ones are new. Which one still have room reporting live in Irvine. Emily Valdez que next 10 70 NewsRadio and yet another wildfire threatening homes is burning in the West End of Corona. Toward your bye, Linda Now the 200 acre fire is burning quickly uphill in the area of Green River Road and the 91 Riverside Freeway. The Corona Fire Department says there are homes in the path of the wind driven flames because of that an evacuation order has just been issued for the Yorba Linda area north of the 91 Freeway and east of Gypsum Canyon,.

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