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All right I think it's that time okay it's time for the bug report loves you David and Laura for the log report all right so here's my bug or at you know sometimes we think we're all set but one day we find out that we consume what we thought would always be there now here's the perfect example we just went through father's day and my dad eighty seven years old you know he's got everything he needs I mean for the most part right he always says don't send me anything I don't need you know obviously I don't either higher or you know any kind of downloading or or you know he certainly walk on it then we try to send an airplane tickets you won't get on an airplane so you know there's just really so little that we can think of to you know show him an express our love and appreciation for what he did for in our lives and and so forth and you know what we found it in a wasn't a card all right it was Omaha steaks you know we send him and have to be a commercial for Omaha steaks but you know we send him the I guess it comes in a cooler right and it you know packed with dry ice and yeah it was like this seventy Boxley right shipping and everything is like a two hundred yeah yeah exactly Chris Plante special you know the the only office once so it you know he thought that if he was just so thrilled and appreciative of that so you know I I guess made by a bug is is that you know sometimes we think we're all set but one day we can just wake up and we can find that we can consume all right we we consume things in our life and you know it holds true for our obviously for our retirement and our savings and everything like that we can consume that that's why it's so important for you to take a proportionate share of whatever you you know Bob kind of your nest egg and the the set that aside so that you know that that is not something that you're going to consume all right yeah that's not something that you're going to exhaust it's going to be free there for you as a in addition to you know what other sources of income that you have and that's why we're so passionate about talking about these things on the radio that these things exist they're different they're better that you can have these things you can have them without fees you can you know get our stock like market returns without risk in without the certainly some of the heartache and headache that that that people experience in the market and certainly as you get into retirement years you need to Sora haven't developed some of these things it's there it's there for you and that we want to get you the information gets to the book which the.

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