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Twenty one minutes after the hour on the michael medved show that was a campaign song born free vykhino wrought that was used by knit romney a candidate that i supported very enthusiastically i still believe by the way that mitt romney would have made a great president of the united states exactly what our country needed in two thousand and twelve alas is kid rock what we need in 2016 running for the us senate from michigan uh well days what democrats need they're already raising money based on the idea that debbie stab announceed may not be as safe as everyone is assumed and they have to put more and more and more and more money in the bank on her behalf what what's going on with all of this because when you look back in american history there are very very few politicians who came into politics as celebrities of any kind you could say davy crockett did a back in the eighteen 30s but he was at the the whole idea of national celebrities it exists today was very unusual the only way you became a national celebrity when it's politics if you're victorious general like general william henry harrison who became president or general zack retailer became president or so many other generals particularly after the civil war who ended up going into politics directly from the military but that's different because if you're in in the military you're working for the us government right and going over and transitioning from commanding our forces in the field to helping to command the government the dispatches those forces that's not as big a jump as going from being a rock and roller to rocking the senate one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six our phone number let's go to nancy in phoenix arizona nancy you're on the michael medved show well my could see kurt russell run a hot as the or democrat oh as anything he mart sharp well informed conservative uh in most regard.

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