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Has been carrying that wall. Up and down the hill down the hill for years. So don't tell me you're not in this conversation. So Wes, Greg Erica, we surrender. We read her. That's it. What we're going to do that? We want to offer up the terms of surrender. This is what happens in war fair. Like, y'all. What does that this is like y'all Yalta it's kind of like Yeltsin? I mean, I remember that rapid. I don't know. Right. So we're gonna take turns offering up some terms of surrender. And then you guys can decide whether you accept them that one thing to understand if you do not accept our terms of surrender market. I will quit the podcast and moved to the deep woods Vermont. When by a lot cabin together live together, I didn't script that. I will talk about later that sounds hot. It's so much easier. All right here, we go you guys. Here's the first term. Patriots there. You're not allowed to have any more, quote, unquote, underdog narratives that are used to inflame. I mean, come on. Used to inflame the fan base move merchandise. I see you Eshelman. Talk yourself into a reality that simply does not exist. You are the house in blackjack. You are the evil empire just own it. What do you think? I mean, I remember a lot of people picking against in this podcast. I'll year go ahead. Oh, wait here on that side. I might have to leave patriots fan of you're trying to act like they're actually underdogs. You're not getting out of this west you're into now west Martin Europe term number two for as long as the patriots kick. Butt Ricky Hollywood must comply to a strict uniform code that requires her every night of the week after five pm in all day long on Saturdays and Sundays to exclusively.

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