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Justin Green with the BBC news. The EU is bringing in export controls on Corona virus vaccines produced within the block. The mechanism will compel pharmaceutical companies to seek permission before supplying does is elsewhere. The move comes amid a supply disputes between the EU and two vaccine suppliers AstraZeneca and Fizer, with Brussels saying it must guard against the undermining of its supplies. You health commissioners that bacteria, Kita said the measures and showed that all you citizens had access to vaccines. Commitment needs to be kept and contracts are binding. Advanced purchase agreements need to be respected. Today we have developed a system that will allow us to know whether vaccines are being exported from the U. This increased transparency will also come with the responsibility for the EU to authorize with our member states. These vaccine exports but the World Health Organization's assistant director for access to medicines and health products, Mary Angela Simao, said the use move could damage other efforts to fight the disease around the world. Let's say it's not helpful to have any country at this stage put in export bends or barriers that will not allow for the free movement off the necessary ingredients that will make vaccines diagnostics in other medical since available toe all the world South Africa's spy agency is accused of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on illegal undercover operations to protect the former president Jacob Zuma from corruption investigations on your Harding reports. To whistle blowers and other witnesses have given details of a systematic plot to turn South Africa's State Security agency into something almost like a private army for former President Jacob Zuma. During his decade in power. Mr Zuma faced and still faces multiple allegations of corruption. But a judge led inquiry is now revealing the extent to which it's alleged. Mr Zuma used state institutions to protect himself during his presidency. Witnesses have described how vast sums of money was stolen from the security agency on funnel to Zuma's allies. Mr. Zuma has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. The Black lives matter. Global Foundation has won the 2022 love Paloma Human Rights Prize. The Swedish organizer's that the foundation had promoted peaceful civil disobedience against police brutality and racial violence across the globe. They noted that an estimated 20 million people have taken part in black lives matters protests in the U. S alone. Moscow court has ordered the arrest of a number of close political associates of the jailed opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. Mr Navalny's brother Oleg and his office coordinator. Oleg's to pawn off are under house arrest. Other prominent supporters face charges of organizing a protest during an epidemic. Well. News from the BBC. The Portuguese parliament has approved a bill on assisted suicide, making Portugal only the seventh country in the world to legalize euthanasia. People over 18 may be helped to die by medical professionals if they're mentally fit, terminally ill and suffering lasting and unbearable pain. Appeals court in the Netherlands has ordered the oil giant shell to make compensation in a long running case brought by four Nigerian farmers who alleged the firm badly polluted their land. Case has been 13 years in the courts and two of the farmers have since died. The environment group, Friends of the Earth, which back the case said people living in the Delta had to have their livelihoods compensated for by the Anglo Dutch company, Donald Poles from the group told reporters it was highly significant decision. Up until this morning. Dutch.

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