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Dead in that country the search is under way for the person who's been threatening Coast Guard personnel over a VHF radio channel receive at the Saint Petersburg command center. Hey Philip policy to try the next time we set up there. all day and got a terrier or helicopters I wish that charges a golf. those guards says it's taking the threats very seriously they're asking her tips from anyone who might know who's making the threats the Polk County students facing a battery charge after a violent locker room attack against a twelve year old student at Blake academy in Lakeland cellphone video of the slug fest is gone viral the attackers being suspended for at least ten days like when police captain Steve Czecho tells news channel eight what comes next the investigation is finished sitting down with the parent one final decision is made on whether the students remains in the school or not and a plan will be developed to ensure the safety of the child the school district is investigating why the teacher was not watching over the students when the attack began. democratic presidential candidates took the stage in Houston for their latest debate gun violence was a key issue gun violence was one of the topics for the ten Democrats on stage in a state the lost twenty two people in a mass shooting last month it was personal for former Texas congressman better roar you know just so I met the mother of a fifteen year old girl who was shot by an A. R. fifteen mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shocked by that they are fifteen which brought this emotional moment in Odessa and Midland or whatnot ambulances to get to them in.

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