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I was so proud because i it's like you know it's almost like they got recognized for doing something at a pretty good level at a pretty high level that they as you to do the olympics i was like wow holy goodness wow thank you i. I must be doing something right. And and then doing the olympics by great partner. Bob pop and a great partner like i said marv albert where he totally have to did with three weeks and you work for two weeks morning and afternoon and night for the first week and ask. And he's a teddy. We did two hundred like seventy eight fights. I was like we did to all my goodness. It's a lotta work it's not a sprint. It's a marathon. You gotta be prepared. You gotta be ready to Pronounce a lot of names that you have no idea how to now. I will say. I want to see a compilation of pronouncing some of the asian names. The time john. It's not pretty. And it's not pretty. And i tried to treat with the great vowed to once and i said well the the the fight of foam as by john in a balloon non on. You can't do that in a blue trunks. That say as they. So he's right he's dryer. You can't cheat. But thank goodness phonetic spelling and all that even with that it wasn't it wasn't a layup but what really was horrific and that's the i work was seeing the corruption. I've been around boxing. All my life most my life fifty years now and i've seen all the corruption. The appro games for what i saw at the time who was running the olympics was i abe. I able was jaw of all the enforcement of all the administration of the officials of putting it all together. The see i guess would put them in place and and they ran everything. For i-i've like the internet amateur national boxing association they defer to them and say okay. You guys oversee the boxing tournament. So everyone's up to speed. So the eye is kind of governing through issa. Which at the time was headed by azerbaijan. Representative it was represented by a lot of different people and and some of from those countries. They they want a board they were or whatever they want. They had different to the capacities. The bottom line was the. Here's a guide. Me who came from top flight professional boxer where i saw i thought the worst corruption either so my life and i added another thing coming to me. I saw worse corruption with eib people damages a. Let's go up. No i what i saw it. I it may be wanna throw up every day. How they will ripping no heart and soul out of these kids that trade most their lives for this moment and they deserve to move forward in the olympic dream at it got stopped at got hold got stopped on spin on by these corrupt officials immediately for my evil and i had. I always went to. I went to verbal blows with the head of evil in two thousand twelve. His name was dr wool. They finally got rid of being from his doctor walks. They finally got rid of but not way too late way too late and the reason i almost went to i mean again. We went to go to verbal blows and battle. Basically get between us was he had called a meeting to me with me and my director papa of so here we are so they ask for meeting with the commentators of nbc. That happened be i. That's me and bob pop. So we get this meeting bob. Papa was much smarter than director the producer. Anybody he said i love. That's a good idea to put. Atlas was with teddy without the woke. I'm not so sure. No no be good..

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