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Felt forced hipster by dialing two one five seven twenty four ten sixty next updates in less than ten minutes in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm P. in or out I witness whether now here's Tiffany Simona mainly clear and cold overnight we drop to thirty one degrees by early Monday morning Monday looking milder mostly sunny highs around fifty one degrees Christmas Eve will be a little bit cooler mostly sunny highs around forty six Chris is days looking nice and quiet partly cloudy has run forty eight forty seven with a mix of sun and clouds on Thursday and then we turned mostly cloudy on Friday slight chance for a shower or two with highs around forty six forty two degrees right now going down to thirty one with a partly cloudy sky here the broadcast center in spring garden it's five thirty four and with Christmas just three days away the holiday rush is definitely underway and if you time it correctly you can even avoid hassles Hey what are you South Jersey bureau chief David Madden has some advice from an expert ready for a lot of company with the U. driver flying if that means getting in the car timing is key Jana Tidwell with triple a minute let me one second that are traveling during off peak times and get a jump start early in the morning travel after the PM rush hours it's all about when you start on that journey for the most part said prices at the pump around here a tad higher than they were last year but not that bad to seventy six a gal in Pennsylvania a few pennies Lauren Philadelphia itself at two forty eight in South Jersey to thirty two in Delaware flying get to the airport at least two hours before departure fort national flights three hours if you're leaving the country make sure you meet the security standards before you get to the gate and whether you're flying more driving pack your patience David Madden KYW newsradio Dickie Knowles spent three seasons as a pitcher for the Phillies and was a member of the nineteen eighty World Series championship team he currently works for the organization as an employee assistance professional and K. wannabes Matt Leon sat down with Knowles to talk about his life on and off the field Knowles has been the phillys EAP since the nineties and he remembers the late David Montgomery.

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