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Pro running back and veteran tied into calm things down it. If he needs all those things to function at a high level, then he's not a high level quarterback and humans. And then he made seven hundred thousand dollars. I know Dak doesn't have the benefit that all the other young quarterbacks do, which is their teams have gone out and giving them toys toys toys, whether it's whether it's what they've done in Philadelphia with wince, whether it's adding Brandin cooks in loss. Angeles, whether it's the weapons to show Watson or Pat Mahomes or even Mitch Trubisky EV, I know doesn't have that benefit, but he has looked for over half a season. Now we're going back to last year like a player who was amid around draft, pick like a player who was supposed to be project definitely good enough to be a backup. Maybe a starter in a pinch and this off season. The one the one coming up is when he would get a contract extension the way he's played since the twenty sixteen season ended. There's no way in hell. I'm given this guy, twenty plus million dollars a year unless I see something drastically different. By the way I've only got about a minute left Dez Bryant, patriots, not interested. They went out and got somebody Redskin down three receivers, they'll pass is he gonna sign with anybody. Well, if I thought maybe teams were just waiting for the end of week one. So his contract wouldn't be fully guaranteed is a veteran, but no one has called him. And now I think it's a real concern. I also think the burner account thing is a concern and here's why, and I'll be quick on this when he's making a burner account. Why is he making a burner count? Supposedly? So he can show he can make fake accounts that make it look like the Twitter world supports him to other people in the Twitter world, Dez, some free advice, my man, there's only thirty two people. You need to worry about impressing none of them are on Twitter, the thirty two GM's and those people. They don't care about burner accounts, but they do care about what the verified at Dez Bryant is tweeting and none of those things have made me more likely to give him a job. If I'm in their seats, he's not a great football player anymore. He wants was he's not anymore, but he's a good enough football player to be. A starting wide receiver in this league. And the only reason he's not is questioned about his makeup. Twitter isn't helping Adam to the list. Colin Kevin Durant, the president of the United States, Dez Bryant, people who'd be better if they just deleted the Twitter app from their phone. That's pretty interesting list. My buddy Nick, right, good. Talking to you bud. Later brother. All right. Maybe we don't like Jimmy Garoppolo because he's handsome. Everybody wants to say, ooh, wow. Ooh, wow. He's not as good as we thought. I'm gonna throw another young quarterback out there that nobody's saying could be a bust in increasingly, I wonder if he's a bust and Ann Jimmy Garoppolo it's the hurt next. When cousin sow Todd Furman clay Travis and Rachel Connecticut together, all bets are on lock it in the all new one of a kind sports gambling. Show weekdays at four thirty PM eastern on f s one and the Fox Sports app. Four thirty to five thirty lock it in gambling..

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