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Bradley Blackburn reports US stocks does dive Monday the Dow fell more than seven percent the biggest one day sell off since the two thousand eight financial crisis but we can dispute over oil prices between Russia and Saudi Arabia sparked the steep drops Russia refusing to roll back production even as demand falls amid the corona virus outbreak response Saudi Arabia is ramping up its own output causing a supply glut that's bringing down the price of oil Boeing stock tumbled thirteen percent Amazon down about five Microsoft slipped nearly seven percent Starbucks down nearly six I'm Stephen Portnoy at the White House where president trump will huddle with top economic advisers to discuss ways the government can mitigate the economic damage on Wednesday top Wall Street executives have been invited to take part in further talks Senate finance committee chair Chuck Grassley says he's open to targeted tax relief something the White House had already signaled it would support the grand princess cruise ship carrying passengers diagnosed with the corona virus has made port in San Francisco here CBS this department this is not going to be a quick disembark much officials say it could take two or even three days to complete the first people taken off will be the twenty one who have corona virus and need to be treated they will be followed by those with existing medical conditions and the elderly everyone will be given a test to see if they have the virus they will then begin a fourteen day quarantine period at military bases in California at least two other states that ship is scheduled to arrive in Seattle April first but the port of Seattle tells covers seventy B. coronavirus concerns may delay the start of our region's cruise season there have been twenty two deaths from corona virus in Washington state most of them in king county there are confirmed cases in at least a dozen other counties a prolific drug dealer in Bothell will spend up to fifteen years in prison for selling hundreds of dangerous fentanyl laced pills each day the Herald identifies him as forty one year old but irons the agent in charge of the he says with the sentencing the head of a poisonous snake was cut off time for cargo radio real time traffic out of the country he said they were still working the rollover crash on northbound I. five the county line the back of starting at Northgate south in four or five building outside of Bellevue through new castle and we're still pretty busy south of the valley freeway just shy of two set a rather at valley Medical Center traffic brought to you by invisible fence dot com let your four legged family members enjoy their yard visit invisible fence dot com to schedule your free consultation to get fifty percent off your installation as invisible fence dot com Kyra radio real time traffic and Tracy Taylor sunshine in the mix that I expect you drive home look pretty good look for highs around fifty overnight lows in the thirties clear skies tomorrow to start in late in the day increasing clouds Cairo seven pinpoint meteorologist Nick Allard it's forty nine degrees in downtown Seattle I'm the boss on demand to go to my northwest dot com.

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