Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Relationship And Sexuality Counselor On The Roles of Sexuality In Marriage REPLAY

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Coming up on today's episode of the virtual couch. I'm going back into the archives to bring you my most downloaded episode of all time my first interview with dr. Jennifer Finlayson Fife Jennifer teaches couples and individuals off strength in their relationships over relational and sexual roadblocks and increase their capacity for intimacy love sexual expression and so much more and we cover all of these topics and more coming up on the office couch. Okay first, let me cover a tiny bit of business recently. I received a funny email. This is a true story. I said, hey Tony, I love the podcast especially the free therapy, but your podcast is let me know want to see, my own therapy and at this time of worldwide chaos and pandemic. I thought it only made sense to go through betterhelp.com. But I no longer hear your betterhelp.com ads. Did you guys break up? Okay. So this is a funny, you know, we did not break up. We aren't seeing other people right now, although admittedly whenever I do hear a better help.com add on another podcast. I do think wait doesn't betterhelp.com still care about me. And yes, they do you can stop. A better help, virtual couch and get 10% off of your first month's worth of services. And yes doing so will help take care of some behind-the-scenes cost to produce and host the virtual couch podcast. So I haven't I've been running betterhelp.com virtual couch ads. You may ask and here's where I love being an honest raw vulnerable therapist key that dramatic music we can't we don't actually have that worked into the budget but I get giddy wage earning and getting these podcasts out the door and sometimes I forget to pop and add in for betterhelp.com

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