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The fucking dhammika destroyed this week. Getting fucked up. This is hey kids earn his wings. Oh this is an shot up. Dominant for eating at shit. That was fucking yo. I'm telling you this is this is. Wwe sitting there saying you know you're going to say everything that we do shit. But we're going to centralize on the one thing that we know we can do. Well and this is paul doing all this shit. He knows he knows how to build up a fucking story for not six months not a year not even two years look what he did would rob van dam in easy. W we deal with task ec w look whene deal with fucking tommy dreamer and easy w with fucking. I'm sandman and raven. Their stories didn't fucking last six months. A year shifts lasted like five years. Storyline bro like. That's a little extra but but but you know what if you were easy w and you wash all it. You were captivated by everything because nobody sat things run into long. It was like fuck. You'll tommy tommy dreamer and watch it and easy to tommy. Dreamer really win illegitimate match for like three years dog. But i do you still work. Captivated by it was still invested in. It and paul knows how to do that shit and this story right here. Where roman is currently delacroix. Fucking great yarmouth. I remember just killed a best best shape. He's ever been in a period. Yeah that close off. Smackdown man remains and mysterious. We're fighting helena. Cell inside a helena sal match with universal championship. Come hell in the cell. Have a mix rich You know we go home. Show go home. Show for In your house right Which you know he's interesting. You know. I find if i find it fun but it got really fucking boring Shit matches are a solid is just How they drag along. The i guess the the the the the storylines shit just. I don't know it. Just on the blast. Did you call new like entertainment writers or something like i dunno like do you think they need like a spark in that area because i know what they need. They need his wrestle about that. Just wrestle short chassis with that right. When when i watched like i said when i watch a ring of honor. Msw they do promos. Prompt promos two minutes long or their their interaction. Two minutes long and then boom. We're into a match. That's that's and that's the thing that aws right at it. It's not long winded. They have one or two segments on cyclops. Five seven minutes. But it's not the whole show that you consistently seen. I think that's an annex. tv's nfc. They have so many arrests. They need to showcase more wrestling and in such a short period of time. So what opened the show. It says here that we had We had awesome. Therion only larkin. Selling the score was that was that was. That would open the show this week done. And like basically the whole crew that whole batch. yeah. I don't know i feel like i don't know i don't. I don't think i'll take serious. Awesome theories being treated like shit. I don't know like. But but but i guess we had to two of the guys from like the main event over in your house like to open a show. I think it was pedone. Gorgon's being shot at each other which exit. You're animosity between the five guys. You want to see them. Go at it you want to see them The the prelude to go down at in your house so the distraction coho helped larkin. You know Theory lost Looking smashed them in the ring post. wasn't theory really. Were you think wasn't there a benefit being on his own the main roster like maybe maybe he maybe he will get their chance on raw like knowing how bad rose doing if they gave him like a young up and coming rookie kind of live no. He's fine were listen. He'll he'll manage believe me he goes in a row the main roster he'll be released within the fucking six months. Oh god i hope not said opened the show. We'll get more into that five way Later on the so. We skipped past that ember. Movers dakota corker to this day. I still think dakota should be should have been annexed. He was champion. I and done the triple h batista story. That just makes sense to me. But i digress. I'm you should be in the championship picture whatsoever. But this makes sense to be the build up for their match on sunday for which tonight for in your house moon had offense republicans alice. Yong mook mccain's. Alice remove guided most of the work in terms of like the basic comeback. Face story here at the end I think gonzales came out and Moon hit with the eclipsed instead. It is the way to build a match even though for doesn't matter yeah at least brings an Some kind of relevance to what's going on We had a parking lot altercation from last week. And we finally got a a payoff. Here as we had a swerve versus killian dane. I think in a street fight Sorry matt regular fight match Hit row Red couple of weeks. In what are you thinking about. Hit row typical all stable. Take time get used to but do see hope hoping this listen faction more people to be debut turned to be featured in crew s whatever Before this match we had Llegado fantasma coming out says escobar bitches about you know him out getting able to get his shot the championship. Brunton reach title against the fuck in the barricade and the plexiglas last rock. Buddy m s. Que come out to save bronson read the who took a you know The author all six men the shit out of each other regal announces that that's going to be a winner. Takes all for in your house fronts segment actually like the idea where it takes all it keeps it keeps it contained one match while while making the stakes higher so i'm okay with that but overall swore vandam swimming killing date. I think killing dana. Drake mavericks in epic fail. I think killing danish to go on his own holding him working with drake. Maverick is not cutting it for me. Fan like whatsoever so then to move on that he's that he's a stop right in. Its tracks but i think swore. Pick up a win here As well she should new stable captain stable leader he needs to. He needs to pick up a win. That's important We had a priceless announcement By ted beyond which we found out. Which is that the letter mashed. They're having at in your houses for the million dollar championship million. The million dollar title is officially back in the nfc in annexed team. This is what i'm saying. You said earlier in the show that you don't think there's about going to be defended will be part of like the the tiles and to inex- you said it yourself you want more titles and This might be tyler. We're getting emit car belt. And i think the ball should be highlighted. As if you own this belt you.

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