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It it's nick constas and ken barclay on you. Better you bet from bac uehara. Some thank yous the dole out. Here's we close shop on the wednesday edition of you better. You bet three great guests on the show today. How about. Brian baldinger odyssey sports. Nfl insider ball these absolutely tremendous. How about the great brett. Mcmurphy of the action network. America's college football insider for the first and only time brett mcmurphy appearance. Were nick was said by brett. Wartimes than lachie. So that'll be the ones that ever happens. It's alias comet seventy five more years. Maybe it'll happen again. Always love brett. Mcmurphy comes on the show and santana out vich from fox sports nessin and the chicken dinner. Podcasts absolutely tremendous great job by our executive producer. Eli hershkovich great job. By our technical director. Bill adds great job by our board opera camping..

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