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They're gonna look, go ahead and do that. I mean, you talk about twain Haskins and the number that he puts up. They have a really played anybody in Adam. This is kind of the week. Week where we still I was talking to Josh about this. This is that weird week three where there's only a handful of games that I think that you can use his litmus test for the rest of rest of the season. Right. I feel like you have a couple of games like Auburn, Washington in week, one week two will give you Clemson Amen, where we learn a little bit something about these squads, but this is one of the, I guess, probably maybe five games that I think are very intriguing. What what else on this list of games are you going to be paying attention to where you're in that big palatial press box, which I think is the largest press box in all of college football over there. Jerry world? Yeah, it's a big when everything's big there. I would say LSU in Auburn is interesting because both teams have a signature went outside of the conference. And now most people, I think everybody in terms of our ESPN dot com crew picked Auburn to win. But if you were to win, I think we'd have to kind of recalibrate our view of LSU in the next. -tations for them. This season you to really good defenses, tremendous defensive lines to really good coordinators. I wrote about some of the up and coming coordinators to watch on the defensive side for ESPN plus today. But Kevin Steele and Dave Aranda two of the best out there and then the quarterbacks, how are they going to perform, especially Joe burrow on the road on the planes very interested to see that. I'm also really interested about Boise state and Oklahoma state, not so much that Oklahoma state is one of these teams. They can make the college football playoff. I don't think they can, but I think there's a really interesting narrative that's building between Boise state which is the program that got us to pay attention to all those teams and non power conferences and UCF, which took that to the next level last year going undefeated and then declaring itself, the national champions and building that whole movement. UCF. Unfortunately, one of the games cancelled because of the impending hurricane in the Carolinas, but Boise state with a really good start to the season now goes to Stillwater with a chance to show that it should be the top team in the group of five that we should be talking about that it's it's two thousand and eleven again, not not necessarily two thousand seventeen. Let me ask you this and building upon that. Listen, we saw last year UCF with with the amount of talent that they had with the hype factor that was going in when it came down to it, they weren't a factor in the college football, playoff, right. I mean, they, they just weren't. They weren't even close enough to being for the committee to even sniffle look at them. Is it important ceelo for Boise state to win a game like this and to go on this UCF run there on the Smurfs turf of a Boise and all of a sudden it's two years in a row that you would have quote, unquote, undefeated teams with that further. The idea of playoff. Expansion, not two years down the road or three years down the road, but continue to put some stones in their backpack when it comes to to help in that situation out, well, you every every year supposed to stand on its own. Now that's easier said than done. I think if this were to happen for a second year in row in Boise state was to go out there and get a power five scalp like an Oklahoma state and then went out for that to happen two straight years. Yes. I think you would hear more chatter about it. I think it would be a bigger push. You know, spent some time this preseason with Scott frost at Nebraska, and he continues to push even though he's now at Nebraska power, five school. He says, listen, I can't wait for the day that we go to eighteen. So eighteen like ours last year, meaning UCF will have a legitimate chance to prove it on the field that they're one of those teams that they're deserving. So, yeah, I think if you had this happen two straight years, even though every year supposed to stand on its own, I do think naturally there would be a..

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