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Kmox five boys ranging in age from nine to thirteen hospitalized after a car struck them while they were walking in north county st louis county police spokesman officer benjamin granda says it happened sunday afternoon on hanley when a woman developed a medical problem while driving one of the boys is in critical condition illinois state police say a twenty nine year old drunk driver is to blame for yesterday's fatal accident in the metro east police say the man was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of sixty four near king's highway when it slammed into an oncoming car killing the female driver police have not released the name of the victim kmox news time is 80 five civilian panel that investigate it's allegations against st louis police is seeking more power subpoena power alderman terry kennedy is in support of the plan now before the board of alderman typically what has happened lusa quoted us justice report their mini civilian oversight board's around the country many of them have subpoena power but most of the time to use that subpoena power to get information outside of the police department from a gas station ort video footage the st louis police officers association has opposed giving the panel subpoena power in the past the latest plan to do so is still in committee kennedy hopes to get it passed by april now that we know for sure that amazon will not be feeling the now vacant at t tower downtown who will st louis economic development partnerships ceo sheila sweeney tells kmox news they are working on other prospects filling at t tower has been our priority and so we didn't stop working on that because we put it in amazon proposal uh that that we continue to look at and work toward and you know are hopeful the building is at nine nine chest not downtown it's downtown's largest building with more than a million square feet it was built in the 1980s as headquarters for southwestern bell but at t vacated the building last year a vote tonight in wildwood on the future of hidden valley came lexus brian feldman is live with the story meghan the city council is going to vote on allowing hidden valley to operate a year round zip line wilde with planet committee unanimously recommended approval three weeks ago owners are saying they need this a blind in order to remain in business now the idea has sparked debate because residents in the.

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