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I think you know I think that was our innocence. Innocence to think that Oh you know a woman a young woman who can be herself who's intelligent and represents community can go to Congress and be left alone. You're not part of that political infrastructure. We see with Warren. She's being raised she's being operated. They tried to do that to you. And we're and all it it it does it makes. It fortifies us and it makes us stronger. And it makes us less innocent and it makes us more clear on what to do. I hope so because it and that's the you know the book I'm working on next is in having. It's coming out August eighteenth because that's the hundredth anniversary of suffrage of ratification of the nineteenth. And it's a for me. It needs to be a call to action. What's what's happened with a historic number of women who are running for president so qualified so good And and now we're down to you. Know it's going to be men in their seventies straight and you know like we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get behind whoever it is and and because we have to we have to but it's like suck you know like all of this wave of women and then and I do worry I do worry about like the what it's GonNa look like in the in the midterms and and the midterms after this Right Lincoln. Twenty we have redistricting. We've got a lot that we should be concerned about for a you know especially if we do win the White House which I hope we do you. You always see a correction back from that in the in the following midterm so what. I love hearing. Katie is your Focus still on the political system. You know I think that in a if I were in your position. I'm sure many people would just be like I'm done with politics. I have no faith in the system anymore. I don't want encourage anybody to run for elected office. It I it's a sham. The whole thing is you know like Michaela's referencing. It's it's not a it's not for me you know. I'm not part of the system. So how do you maintain that positively about the the political system that we have and democracy in general given what you've been through the only way that you change it is by taking it over right and the and the only way that that happens is by people showing up and continuing to do so and I knew still know that if I if I said that if I said fuck this and I'm out then like how many people what's what's the what's the butterfly effect of? How many other people that you know that get disenfranchised by that And I think that you know instead it can have the opposite impact. Where is galvanizing where it is like? You know we're we're we're over and over again. We see we save forward Movement for equality or for women in general. And then you have this backside and and I think for we saw it with trump. We thought we were. We were about to have the first woman. President in fucking trump happened. And then you see this like really big win for women in the in the midterms and then you see what happened to me. And you've got the the metoo movement moving forward and then you have you know major setbacks with with people who aren't convicted or people who don't have are aren't held accountable or come back into the into the light with like no real ever having even apologized and then. I think so. This is another one of those examples. Where like we? We don't have it where we think we do. And we have to just keep pushing for. We have to keep pushing forward and letting up for even a second is an acceptable. So the kind of enforced expectation of percents perfection. Women who are in the public is something that makes women maybe not want to enter public. Life it's something I would never run for Congress partly because I'm like no stuff too much stuff and it's like what is the antidote to that you know. I think that people who are like thoughtful and engaged should think about running for office. But what is the antidote to like? How do you get out there? Somebody who had the worst case scenario happened to them and say look. It might also happen to you but do it anyway. I do say that yeah and I and I say when women asked me about you know they're thinking about running ahead and I'm I'm flattered and honored that they do ask me especially because like if if it were me I would be like well. That's really terrible. I don't want to be taught. I don't WanNa be talked out of it because I would be kind of I. I would think that that would be the response but But I am like I can't. I can't promise you anything about how you're going to be treated. Because you should expect the worst. And and we need fighters we need people who are able and willing to stand up and take that and And know that you you're not gonNA come out of it unscarred and I think any women in politics would any woman in politics would tell you that. Probably most people in politics would say that. You're you know you're scarred in some capacity but my God I know it's worse for women and And I think that that's the that's part of why we need people to keep doing it. And I and I do think that that that that perceptions are changing with younger people And we saw that significantly with you know what happened with me versus even leading up to the election part of. I think why we had such a big turnout. And and a big margin of victory was because of young people who were who who had a chance to for somebody who was like them and You know so. I'm hopeful that as the electorate continues to kind of our generation and and the next generation continued to kind of get age into Voting and make it part of their DNA make it part of their ritual Then that will make it more possible for regular because we want regular people we want. People who have a history. Who Have you know who have made mistakes? Who have lived a life and we're not life virgins which is various. I haven't heard that you introduced me to that. Yeah trying to make fetch happen. I'm trying to regret the kitty. This last question made me think that. Maybe the antidote. Do you guys think that the antidote that we're moving towards is is potential candidates getting ahead of what they have in their past and just saying it all hey so snapchat. Two Thousand Sixteen bomb thing. He smoked pot exact. Tried to do that without getting into the frigging details of my sex life like you know do. Is that what we want? Is that the. I don't know that the antidote is like you need to. I do think that there needs to be some level of like people should have a degree of privacy. And we shouldn't. We shouldn't expect I mean I felt like I ran. Probably the most transparent and like honest and forthright campaign about who I am and especially with the Vice Documentary. And they fought us around with cameras totally unfiltered. It got me into trouble plenty of times but like I was very genuine about who I was and and then for so yeah I think you should get ahead of it and you don't hurt people. I mean I guess like one could argue with trump is very genuine. He you know he shows himself as an ad and he's an ass you know therefore but it's like but he's a hurtful angry awful vindictive ass who kills people and put children in cages. It's like you are living your personal life. You're not hurting anybody. Yeah and You know I know that there's a gray area where it starts to get into you know. Yeah an into work work related situations but but that aside I mean before you even ran like it's your personal life and you didn't hurt anybody and I think there's something that's so interesting that that has happened because of you. Which is you have moved a needle because it now it's normalized. You can't Undo Katie Hill. We can't not have we. We can't have nine had our first bisexual congresswoman that can't happen Who's WHO's also has negotiated? The properties of an open marriage like by that alone. You should be a lawmaker. And Yeah that's my marriage for anything but other than how to how to how to leave in a gory very good. But there you go I mean you got in and you got and And and I guess the next person is just going to be easier and and so thank you for being the first. Yeah well thanks. Pat Towards towards redemption. I think for people but primarily for women who have for whatever reason had parts of their private life exposed. I mean we saw. I think you know Monica. Lewinsky is an example of somebody who has just pushed through in it really incredible and and you know thought provoking and graceful way. She's actually wasn't who I've talked to very really after it happened. Because did she reach out to you she did. Yeah actually and I don't know how she got my contact Info but yes. She was one of the early ones to reach out. 'cause she'd been public. Shame date night. That's true I had. Yeah I had. Everyone had my contact info. Good good point Yes she she was. She was just great and And I think she's she's working on some great projects and And you know we all I think. We are shaped by our experiences especially the traumatic experiences. I know we are And for her now she's she's she's addressing head on the issue of public shaming and I. I think that that's really important something that we needed addressing yet. One thing. That's interesting about Monica Lewinsky. And this is very catty. Cometh I'm about to make but Maureen Dowd one holzer for calling her a slut for like a year right and now Monica Lewinsky is like clearly a better writer than Maureen. Dowd which I think is the very best revenge. Maureen Dowd is like party. And who's like the last one at your house? And you're like leave. Maureen Maureen Maureen. Wrote the the worst thing about me in the in in the aftermath of it. Hers was one of the ones that I was like this being written about by a woman in the New York Times is like like I had a big fuck you moment that I yeah I mean I think we all at this table agree. Fuck Maureen Dowd when I watched the CNN panel last night even talking about the election and it was you know a pretty diverse group right. Yang and Van van Johnson. Yeah And it was the one white woman on the panel. Who Loria border..

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