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This is my walkup song for when I when I go to testify in the congress, are you evil. The question for the congress to this up. Up songs for for witnesses in the congress are now coming to bat kitchen, look like. The attorney for the for the president of the United States. Here's what listen. Walkup song for Michael Cohen today. There was one song and one song only and that is mega deaths trust, that's what you had to have. Okay. Yeah. To have mega distrust because the question was whether or not you trust what he was saying. But more importantly, there was a very sketchy character over his shoulder. Did you notice that person sitting over his shoulder that that that nasty partisan FANG fried egg sandwich smelling Lanny Davis? Lanny Davis was very interesting to me because if you look over Coen's left shoulder at any of these news clips that are showing you see him looming out there like impending doom. He's an amazing guy sitting there, and he's such a good guy. Lanny davis. You know, he he's he's like an unindicted co-conspirator of every crime the Clintons ever committed basically, he's one of their BFF, apps and emphasis under the last half. He is just super tight with them. And he defends him. No matter what I mean. Literally, no matter what. And wasn't it for two. It is the Michael Cohen will be able to turn a bland Davis to help him in a jam like this to help them out. You know, the very person who is probably most upset and not named Clinton the day after the election was probably Lanny Davis. I would argue Davis was probably anger even more than Tim Kaine who knew he just never was going to go anywhere in life. But Lanny Davis had been with the Clintons forever. He had a put up with their just with every scheme and flimflam that they could cook up every graft every graft play that they could come up with. And there was Lanny Davis who was along for the ride you probably envision himself. Maybe he's an attorney general under the Clintons. You know? It's interesting about Lanny Davis. If you look it up I put this out on Wikipedia earlier to out on Twitter earlier today. Lanny Davis God blessed man, he's just always in the wrong place at the right time. Lanny Davis up until September the eleventh two thousand and one which is an important date. And I can't remember exactly why that is he was a lobbyist for the Pakistanis. He lobbied for the Pakistanis the people. Who next Osama bin Laden wished us the most ill on the planet? Yeah. He was a lobbyist. Like, I there are there are things I would do to protect and preserve my family and my family's livelihood. I think I would live in car before I would take a check from Pakistan ever. What about Saudi Arabia? No, I wouldn't take one from them ever. Lanny Davis was a lobbyist for Pakistan like let that sink in Pakistan who funded and supported and supplied the Taliban who came to power while William Jefferson, Blythe Clinton was busily using an internal humidor. But Lanny Davis is Michael Cohen's lawyer. And Lanny Davis road is opening statement today, and he got Michael Cohen to get the most important thing in the entire hearing. And that was that we paid stormy Daniels off to keep her quiet for the election knowing full well that that disclosure alone was going to be the thing that could trigger impeachment that Trump junior actually find for it. And he and he he no, no, no. Yes. And no, but it, but the important thing was to put Trump in the room in the White House in two thousand seventeen green lighting reimbursement to Cohen in furtherance of this scheme to pay off stormy Daniels, and that was the most important thing because up to then collusion Russians all that sorta stuff. That's that's one thing. What he needed was something that was going to be the great equalizer for for Bill Clinton's impeachment because remember why Bill Clinton got impeached. He got impeached for lying in front of a grand jury about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but that was all against the backdrop of the whitewater deal Russian collusion and the Russian investigation those were all tangential to the presidency. They happened before the president was the president. They needed a quote crime to be committed while he was the president. And that crime could be say perjury, if he didn't answer truthfully to Bob Muller. Right. They figured they could trip him up with that. But Lanny Davis made sure Michael Cohen had in his opening statement. And. A statement of paying off Stephanie Clifford. Well, paying off Michael Cohen who paid off Stephanie Clifford you see what I'm saying. So they got him quote doing something in the White House. This is now their insurance policy because all the other insurance policies have fallen apart. So Lanny Davis is doing this strictly to avenge the the maiden honor wearing the white pantsuit of Hillary Clinton. The morbidly obese William Jefferson Clinton who can't keep his hands to himself. Now, they've got and this is why I keep saying now that they've got this. We've got a force them to do the thing. They do not want to do which is to go all the way end of conversation. Eight hundred seven sixty eight hundred seven sixty five three six to Jeff out and talk people patiently holding on Doug is at Hummel. Hello, doug. What's on your mind today? A brand like that conversation with progressive. Joe you're outstanding cordial in civil like, always thank you. So bad. I can't say that. But this is what progressive Joe, and all the other Democrats out there to think that this thirty five thousand dollars that the pay off a gold digger is some sort of campaign finance violation which it's not, but he but progressive joke progressive of President Barack Obama in two thousand and eight was fine. But three hundred seventy five thousand dollars by the Federal Election Commission for campaign revolting, a reporting violations that most any injury almost I think it's the most of the history he was fine three hundred seventy five thousand dollars for campaign reporting violations, and the Democrats never thought about impeaching you pick Republicans dead nine FBI didn't indict him. But we're going to go nuts over British thirty five thousand paid for high Smutny, supposedly. But that's even worse with the Bama treasurer secretary. Something God didn't pay thirty five thousand the same number thirty five thousand in taxes. He never went to jail. And so this is we have a double standard. They want us to be accountable to their idea. What the rule I which really? Isn't it? Selective enforcement. That's what he's about. Selective enforcement. We're supposed to be punished for everything while they get away. Scot-free? That's that's what bothers me the most. It's not equal Justice. They don't care about being objective. They just wanna get Trump. And now, you gotta argue today was great television. I loved it. But for the record that democrat congresswoman, which one. Accused queues you-know-who. Talita races. Yes. A racist. She did it. And then she backtracked. Young cues them of being a racist. She does no doubt about his shirt. He accused him of being a racist. So that's what they had to do that. That's what they do. And it's just amazing. They can't be a check for the life of them. You can't get an progressive. Like Joe to be objective anything because once you become a Gesta they have to abandon your progressive dog. And they're not gonna do that. So they're going to stay in the little bubble. And they're gonna keep spouting. Trump's a western spy, how many of those progressive jokes actually believe that Trump had that golden showers thing, then the dossier or do you think they don't really believe it? Well, Cohen said tonight Cohen said today, it is testimony. He doesn't think that exists. He said he does not believe that exists. He went through a number of things that he said didn't think they existed, and that was one of them a number of these other stories that they tell us. My point is I I really believe they believed that like an millennia Trump like Trump supposedly beat his wife. I bet they really believe. Come on. They listen. Yes. Doug is all of it. They do believe all of that. But that's fine. You can you can believe what you want. I mean there there are people who still think nine eleven didn't happen. I mean, it's it's just it's one of those. It's one of those crazy things out there. But remember, and this is what's so important. This all started because of Russian collusion. They relied on Donald Trump having to reach out to WikiLeaks via Roger stone. That was the big reveal from from Cohen early on into this thing. So if we had a back channel if Trump had a back channel to the Russian intelligence agencies to to help him out to get elected. Why does he have to talk to WikiLeaks about any WikiLeaks? And if if if he's got WikiLeaks, why does he need the Russians? I mean in some very silly sort of state of affairs, Eric and powei a line to Eric welcome to the show. What's on your mind? Hey, how's it going? Thanks for taking my call. Thank you. I thought today's hearing was high comedy. It was high comedy from beginning to end. I mean, he comes out saying is his he was lying then, but he's not lying now. Right. And then you've got all of the I read all of the Republicans kinda overplaying their hands saying it over and over again. Why would we trust you? Why would we trust you? Why would we trust? You. You didn't say anything. And then you've got the Democrats coming out. And I mean for the love of pay. I don't know why we have miss Cleo. Because I mean, we've got all these people that obviously know everything about everyone. I am. They almost have high degrees because well for heaven for heaven's sake. They're sitting there saying, oh, this is what it feels. This is what he meant. I, and you know, what if I if? Cohen gets out of jail anytime soon, then you can always start a new roping a telephone telephone. Yeah. Telephone psychic. He may do that. He's got he's got a lot of opportunities in front of them. They wanna make a movie of the week. And they want to do a car to Saturday morning cartoon series form, a stormy may wanna make a porno womb. I don't know that battle go good with the the lucky Pierre. All right. We'll see what happens plenty of room for you guys to be part of the conversation straight ahead. Eight hundred seven sixty KFI. It's the Brentwood Orville Schell AM seven sixty talk and breaking news Jim Sharpe met with big headlines. What's going on Jim authorities released the names today every young couple who died in a murder suicide and lake Murray last night, the bodies of Thomas Hayes, and willow singer both nineteen were found in the front doorway of the singer family home on Budlong. Lake avenue shortly after eight detectives determined that hey, shot singer, whom he had been dating before killing himself with the same handgun more than four dozen felony charges were filed today against a man who allegedly flooded all eight floors of a little Italy apartment complex by opening several. Fire valves within the building Thirty-seven-year-old Francisco. Morales played not guilty in San Diego courtroom, the building on State Street is uninhabitable. In around two hundred people have been displaced the US State Department named San Diego county's passport application office, the best of its kind in the country. The county's passport office was honored for its customer service and streamline tools, including an online appointment system. You're never more than fifteen minutes.

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